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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by eirekev, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. Sorry if this has been done to death . I was looking at joining as a CMT and was wondering what qualifications you can gain that are transferable to civi street for a career in paramedic role etc.
    Thanks in advance for any info! and sorry if this has been done to death.
  2. not a lot really, there is the Paramedic qual, but not all CMTs can access this course.

    There has been a lot of threads on here about potential quals that CMTs could get, I have PM'd you the person to contact about this, he is definately in the know.

    Also there are a large number of CMTs on this site who will be able to give the latest rumours etc. about their trade and where its going.

    Also standby for the inter-trade abuse, its for winners.
  3. Why get out if you want to become a paramedic? DGAMS 1130/30 Date 08 May 08 EMPLOYMENT TRG ADMIN INST FOR CMT'S has the career pathway in it. The Black Serpent route is the quickest way gain state registration. CMT's should be jumping at the chance to get on BS and gaining a Profesional Qualification.
  4. you can get state registration (HPC) as a paramedic just by going on Black Serpent?
  5. Damn, I just missed out, don't you get a natty little beret and drive around in Range Rovers forgetting your Med kit as well? :twisted:
  6. Definately not. After successfully completing BS you'll be loaded onto the next Paramedic cse.
  7. Mind if I ask whether that's the bog-standard IHCD 12 week cse? Or is it more military oriented?
  8. How long has the IHCD course been 12 weeks? When I did it , there were seven weeks in the classroom, two weeks in theatres and one week each in ccu and a&e. Unless my maths is at the level of a current school leaver, that makes eleven weeks.
  9. Being honest, I don't know whether it's 12 weeks across the board, I've heard some ambo trusts can squeeze it into 10.

    What I'm asking is whether you cover the maternataxi, paeds, etc. that the army might not be too fussed with.
  10. Does that mean that there are a couple of dozen bods on the para medic course every year? Are there that many places allocated? Good news, must mean every CMT at 16 is a HPC registered paramedic!
  11. all the IHCD subjects are covered followed by clinical att = HPC Registered Paramedic. This is validated... external examiners... good news eh! DGAMS letter also states that the Paramedic should be allowed 5 days / month to remain current. This is usually with the local Ambulance Trust.
  12. Does that mean that all CMTs that do Black Serpent are then HPC registered paramedics? The register must be swamped by the Army! With so many registered surely the units will struggle to be able to get them all away on placements in order to stay current and be able to man the units commitments
    There must be a knocking on a hundred plus CMTs who have done Black Serpent!
  13. CMTs who pass their Black Serpent course at the Medical Training Cell Hereford (NOTE, not everybody passes) are loaded onto the IHCD Paramedic course, also conducted at the Medical Training Cell Hereford.
    Those who pass the Paramedic course (NOTE, not everybody passes) will subsequently be registered.
    This way, a balance is struck, the UKSF group will train you and give you the quals you need, but in return, you come and work for the group, so that they can get some return on their investment. Everybody wins.
    If the rest of the Army wants to create a proper Paramedic cadre, then they need to get their arrse in gear and follow our lead.

    Edited to add: Yes the register is seeing more and more Military applicants and the HPC recognizes that the Paramedic trade is a healthier beast for it. Long may it continue.
  14. by rest of the army do you mean RAMC?
  15. What is Black Serpent? What does the test involve? What does passing it lead to?