Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by charlieone, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. As the title suggests really, ive been looking into this for a while and need some advice from serving soldiers.

    If I join the TA RAMC as a CMT, will I end up scrubbing surgical equipment all day as other posts on a few forums have suggested or will I able to attach myself to a unit with relative ease?

    Would joining the RMP and applying for the CTM training be the better way to go? (Other units are an option but my first choice is the RMP)

    I'm not undermining any support roles CMT's do, but when I am deployed the last thing I want is to get stuck back at base.

    At the moment I am leaning the RMP way as it seems it is a guaranteed way to get attached to a unit and I will receive more skill sets IE as a Soldier, MP and Medic which will make me attractive for deployments, my civ career (events security) and prospects in joining the regulars and/or later life and more importantly the life experiences.

    So in summery, which route is better for what im looking for and what pitfalls are there I dont know about (and wont get told about by the recruiters). IE If I join the RMP will I find out that I will be 1 of 100's applying for the CTM Role? Or is there even demand for RMP CTM's? Will i really be mugged off as a CMT? Which one provides better training considering I want to "specialise" as a combat medic etc

    Also I know the RMP dont have the most friends but working in security, im treated like scum and/or a muppet anyway so itll still be a step up, even if it is only for a 6 months at a time ;P

    Cheers All, any advice/info would be appreciated.

  2. I can't comment on the RMP, I'm not even sure what an RMP CTM does. However I can comment on being a RAMC CMT, if your in role 1 atatched to a non medical unit it can be very good and an interesting role which is only limited by how much you can put in. You can be deployed as a CMT1.

    However, the AMS will take very little interest in you, your career development, training or even the fact that you exist. That is not to say that individuals won't bend over backwards in an effort to help you, if you ask.

    Recently my own PSWO was running around telling my CMT's, mistakenly, that they can never be deployed and might as well leave, such is the muck and mystery surrounding the CMT role in the TA.

    I am not pushing you away from the RAMC but if I were to re-wind the clock back some 20 or so years then I would consider all my options.

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  3. Thanks for your advice Cardinal,

    Seems to be inline with what everyone is telling me, im not one to ignore good advice!

    I'll contact my local TA centres and see what they have to say, I wanted to go armed with a bit on knowledge so I could get as much info out of them as I could.

    If anyone could get back to me with regards to the RMP, or if anyone here is a serving (either regs or TA) CTM with the RMP or any unit that'd be great.

    I might post in the RMP/AGC forum later, cant find anything on search and every RMP post seems to be about peeps just wanting to go RMP for the CP Course :tongue:

    Cheers again mate

  4. Why would a RMP CMT be needed?
    As either RMP you would be too busy with that work or CMT doing that role, I can't see how you can mix it.
  5. No idea tbh mate, according to this link Role Finder - British Army Website after soldiers do their phase 1 & 2 training, and spend time with their unit, they then have the option (down to unit needs I persume) to go for further training to become a CTM with their unit.

    Under the role name, it says its available to any unit, and in answer to your question, I persumed RMP's need medics as much as any frontline infantry units would?

    Bear in mind, all the information available to me doesnt go into a great amount of detail of what RMP's get upto when mobilised, so I may be misguided in thinking that the roles RMP perform need a CTM or a CMT attached to them.

    Perhaps you could clarify, as I gather from your post that the question was rhetorical, that they dont send RMP soldiers off for CTM training and if need be they would have a CMT attached to them?

    Cheers, sorry if I didnt make my earlier posts clear, im just looking into it atm and only have info that google can dig up and past forum posts provide.


    This is the other link I was using to contrast the two jobs Role Finder - British Army Website .
  6. I am RAMC and I would recommend it but not in a Field Hospital.

    We deploy now after doing a regular CMT1 course which means a longer deployment.

    GS med units get lots of work on med covers and instructing which is a real bonus because you do the job you train for.

    I believe, but don't quote me, that TA RMP only take civvie plod these days.

    The CMT role brings transferrable skills such as 1st aid at work and in my unit BLS (Basic life support).

    Speak to both units and find out what they can offer.
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  7. PS You can be an RAMC CMT in most units but they all moan that they don't get any trade training.
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  8. I believe RMP don't take just civvy plod, any old **** will do now, hey its the modern army!
    On herrick the RMP attached with us was office bod.
  9. Raised the bar again have they???
  10. You do not have to be Civ Pol to join the RMP TA. On H13 we had a range from unemployed - student - Civ Pol - Security - Self employed. TA RMP (SIB) however, is a different matter.

    Any further RMP info wanted, PM me.

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  11. Thats great cheers guys, I'll take you up on that please Timble

  12. TA RMP have taken people who are capable of speaking multiple languages, who have TA or Reg infantry experience and who are capable and fit to deal with situations.

    How many Reg. are at least bilingual?


    Learning another language
    "No man should travel until he has learned the language of the country
    he visits. Otherwise he voluntarily makes himself a great baby - so
    helpless and so ridiculous." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

    So, how many babies are in Afghanistan now? For example?

    Brit Reg Army: be the best... at sucking dummies?

    OP. Join RMP. By example you will lead.
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