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  1. hey every1 :D

    i'm in the process of applying to the army at the moment and its getting ever closer to the time for me to make a decison for defo about wot career i wana do 8O

    i'm torn between CMT, which i have been told gives you more of a chance of gettin out there and seeing the world aswell as also bein more involved in hands on army life. although from what i can gain through readin some of the posts they are not actually allowed to do much serious medical based work!

    ...... and on the other hand the QARANC's which seem to be the opposite way around in regards tht it seems tht most of there time is spent in treatin civvy's in hospitals in this country but then they are the ones who are more involved in adminstering the serious medical care!

    i'm so stuck :?! i no tht its my decision in the end but any comments or info serious or funny (bcoz i cud do wiv a giggle :lol: ) from any of u wiv the actual experience from either of these jobs would be greatly appreciated!!!

    cheers xxx :wink:
  2. Go QA's, it'll give you a serious career that you will be able to carry on when you leave the Army, if you want too.
  3. as a former engineer i'd advise you to be a combat mechanised tractor, as you could be a farmer afterwards, and every country needs them
  4. Youre first step towards making the right choice would be to grow up and learn the Queen's f*cking English you chav c*nt. :roll:
  5. come on they are only learning
  6. :lol: :lol:
  7. nice little nurses
  8. Do nurse! As a nurse who trained as a CMT (TA admittedly), you have something that is useful outside the army as a nurse, but CMT just teaches you "useful transferable skills!". Go to most civvy hospitals and say you are a CMT and they will go "huh?" Also, lots to be said for being based in a hospital when it is cold and wet! :D To quote the Duke of Wellington "Any bloody fool can be uncomfortable"
  9. cool bananas

    work with the eod gang
  10. What trade are youi looking at in the QAs? If it's student nurse, then it's 3 yrs as a civvy with lots of money, followed by 3 yrs as a civvy with lots of money and a qual. You do have some sh1t jobs though (in more ways than one), and you have to put up with knobbers giving you abuse because you're a 'fat QA'. There are "green" roles out there for nurses, just not a lot of them.

    If you're thinking HCA, don't. It's sort of like the above but without the money or the qual.

    As for CMT, this is a lot more green oriented, but unless you're on ex/ops that usually just means you get treated like a mong more. It is not all-on-your-belt-buckle-dragging-casualties-out-of-firefights-with-your-teeth, Its more in a big warehouse, folding tents, counting med stores and doing the odd bit of BCAD. Again, some good jobs out there, there are just more cr@p ones.

    Then again this thread is probably just a transparent attempt at starting a slagging match, if so then fcuk off you troll.

    Have a nice day

  11. no that wasnt my intention at all i am just really interested in finding out more info on the two jobs b4 i make my final decison, as my local army careers office really isnt helping!

    neway i appreciate all your comments (except for the 1 tht called me a chav c*nt :evil: ) they are able to give me a better clue about wot it's all really like instead of just sugar coating everything!

    cheers xxx :D
  12. i think you are doing a sensible thing, the coments you get will be ambiguous to certain people however stick at it, the armed forces are full of bitter people, that is life.try and think where your experience will be valuable and what you enjoy.be positive as i am sure you can be , get your mental future in your head and laugh,
  13. Know a bit about both QA and CMT here. I served as a QA for over 13 years, hubby just recently left after doing 22 years as a CMT!!

    Initially yes you are more UK based as a QA until you are qualified and unfrotunatley more and more military hospitals have closed down and you would be attached to an MDHU (see the thread on MDHUs to give you an idea of what they are about).

    I had an excellent nursing carrer in the Army, not only doing the typical things you see in a civvie hospital, but the extra ordinary too when on tours. More and more QAs are attached to units who deploy all over the world Iraq, Afganistan, Bosnia (to name a few).

    Go QA. I had a qualification i could use instantly when i left. Hubby had so much knowledge, military courses but unfortunatly not that civvie street would recognise.

    The pay is excellent once qualified. I was on more than my hubby at one point and a rank lower!
    Good luck in whichever you choose.
  14. I'd completely agree with sunflower. When I went to re-trade, I was actually going for CMT. I spoke to a geezer in the AFCO to get his thoughts, and he recommended the QAs. The above reasons are all sound.

    There are more green roles going for nurses than ever before, and these can be combined with professional skills to create a decent career if you are willing to go searching for the opportunities. Like I said earlier, you will get idiots slagging you because of the capbadge (usually CMTs), but at the end of the day you'll be loaded and have a decent qualification behind you. The stigma can be reduced by being enthusiastic, working hard at the military side of things and being an asset to your unit.

    As you're obviously not a troll, I apologise for my rant, and you no longer have to fcuk off.

    Good luck,

  15. Hello,

    I was in the same situation as yourself when I joined up, and I know how hard it can be to get any real information. The careers office will advice you to go nurse for the qualification/money etc. My advice to you is gain some experience in a hospital as an hca/volunteer etc. first as the three year training is a real slog if you don't like what you're doing. I went QA - Student Nurse, and now that I've qualified and work as a registered nurse I don't regret my choice. Forget the brochures and adverts, and find out if nursing is for you first and foremost. If not then your decision has been made for you.

    Hope that helps,

    Good luck.