CMT or ODP... or some thing else

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by WaterRat, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. What do you think? Everyone I talk to obviously has a different opinion, which is fair enough but I'm still confused. I've wanted to join the army since i was kid and have now set my sights on the RAMC. CMT appealed to me the most but I've met some CMT's that have become ODP's and have told me don't bother being a CMT. Is this a wise decision or just bull. Hopefully you guys can help or just confuse me even more, either way I'll still be in the army next year. Thanks for your suggestions guys.
  2. CMT is what you make of it, obviously there are issues with moving tents and counting stuff, pegs etc but as an ODP posted into a field unit there is nothing to tell you apart as you will still be counting and moving tents. I transfered to BMS 7 years ago from CMT and havent looked back but enjoyed my time as a CMT nonetheless. Talk of State Registered Paramedic was just talk back then so the future didnt look to promising for the CMT cadre but now there are options available that will result in leaving with qualifications that will set you in good steed for civvie street.
  3. You will as posted by my learned collegue, if and when posted to a field unit as an ODP be doing a spot of charactor building tentage, but also while there you would be looking after the surgical and anaesthetic modules and all the rest of the kit the gods in the Surgical teams have. Many CMTs become disillusioned with their lot and attempt to transfer to other more clinical and hands on jobs where they would be able to practice in both normal day to day and deployed roles.
    Negative side of the ODP world is of course working in the NHS.
  4. agreed the negative side to transferring to any of the clinical trades is the NHS.
  5. Thanks guys, so what you're saying is that I wouldn't be making a bad descision by joining either trade and that they are fairly similar and that things are looking up for CMT coming out of the army with better qualifications.
  6. Don't hold your breath
  7. they are in no way at all similar!!! In fact the only thing they have in common is the cap badge.
    All trades have pros and cons.
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    He doth protest to much my lord!
  9. Quite different jobs, one uses a brush for leaves, and the other uses a mop! 'cor blimey Venty, basics :wink:
  10. its a squeegie not a mop!
  11. We dont do squeegies now ..we have civvy cleaners to do it for us ..oh and HCA`s.
  12. Ventress

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    Sorry, same as your "button" I suppose! :wink:
  13. In a field unit, at home, they are similar except for the amount of equipment they have to look after, they still do what the CMTs, XRay Techs and labs do.... check equipment (insert tents, pegs, G4) or tell people to check equipment whilst drinking Tea and smoking tabs.

    ODPs have qualifications in their line of work which will stand them well for civvie street along with countless other qualifications available to them through courses that can be taken by anyone in the forces.

    CMT on the other hand has a select few that have trained as State Registered Paramedics, some of which you will probably see on here (you can tell which those are as they normally have SRP CMT added to their signatures somewhere). Whilst things are looking up for certain CMTs the other roles carried out are yet to be recognised and may not stand you in good stead for civvie street.

    If you are looking at a trade that would be better for civilian street when you do decide to leave then ODP would be the wiser decision IMO.

    Promotion wise they are similar, if you want quicker promotion then Xray or Labs is the way to go, not sure on Pay, I know CMT have recently been granted higher pay band from LCpl, not sure if ODP are Higher payband.
  14. ODPs are on the higher pay band and promotion at the moment is very good, as long as you get the recommendations and the good pen picture write ups.
  15. CMT also higher pay band for most of the rks.
    Really depends on you, if you enjoy working indoors in doing the same job day in day out crack on and become a OPD ZZZzzzzzzzzzz
    There's a loads more to being a CMT, Paramedic/tech, teeth arms, Med Centre.
    You could always choose OPD later... enjoy daylight!