CMT or nurse??

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by ozzietfe, May 29, 2007.

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  1. Hi,
    Not sure if this is the place to post this thread but hope someone can give me ome advice. I am seriously considering joining the army (I have an apointment at the AFCO on Thursday). I am british but grown up in Spain and I am an ambulance tecnician/emergency reposnse coordinator here. I would like to continue in this field in the army as either CMT or go one step further and study nursing........ What sort of work do both do and what do their respective qualifications permit them to do???

    Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Many thanks.

  2. NURSE!!!!! and thats coming from a medic (all bit it a crab one). Better pay, better promotion, and a trade you can keep using in civvy street. If you want any other info, ask at the afco.
  3. Ozzie - I'm an MO and I'd say take nursing.
  4. Take nursing more variety and qualifications that are recognised widely.
    and this from an ex nurse who is going to celebrate when his registration runs out .
  5. Thanks very much guys, pretty much confirmed what I thought. Well I'm off to the UK tomorrow and straight to the AFCO, fingers crossed!!
  6. What do you want from the Army?

    Army nurses are better trained and actually do the job they signed up for far more frequently than the medics. They also leave with recognised qualifications. However, dont expect to see the outside of a hospital (field or otherwise) for a very long time! Combat medics dont get any properly recognised qualifications (yet) but have a more varied existence. I suspect you might get more of a buzz working as a CMT but you'll have to fold a few tents along the way!

    After re-reading the above, I have been no help at all. Ignore the guff I just wrote and join the Navy instead!
  7. Nurse definatly. I was a medic for 5 years and i'm glad i transferred. I'm actually getting to look after soldiers now instead of tentage.
  8. As a CMT for more years than I can count on both hands and feet, I would plump for nursing. These days nurses see just about the same amount of tours as CMT's, plus Nurses are now in Field Units so they can also paint boxes and fold tents if they feel the desire.

    I know a good few blokes who have plumped for nurse training and are now living it up in Brum for 3 years....
  9. In Northallerton - your having a laugh arn't you!