Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by medisnake, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. Does any one know the score with CMT or HCA?
    I hear the CMT is going to get scrapped and be replaced by HCA, this has been discust in the TA since I did my CMT3 about 7 years ago.

    I am in a field Hosp (V) and I have just had a kick in the B***s. CO informed us unit are to deploy on Heric but CMT's not required.
    Are CMT's/Field Hospitals in the regs held with such Disregard?
  2. if there is a Reg Fd Hosp providing the CMTs for the stores then there is no need for TA CMTS.
    The CS or GS regt would provide the CMTs for any blue light matrix.
    I deployed on Telic with the TA and some of the TA CMTs were used as HCAs on the wards while the others were in the QMs.
  3. I am a T.A. CMT 1 , but in my civvy job I work as a Scrub Theatre Assistant (assist surgeon with Hip + Knee replacements etc) , which is a Grade B HCA in an Orthopaedic Hospital.

    During Telic I worked in A+E in Shaibah because the powers that be don't recognise the role because I have no anaesthetic experience.

    I'm beginning to wonder what sort of role I would have if I was called up for any future operational tours.
  4. Not sure what your CO is on about with ref to your potential deployment but obviously without going into too much detail there are no Fd Hosp (v) going out as a fully formed Unit for a while. Nothing is really set in concrete as yet with ref to that area but cant see a TA hosp taking the lead too early on.

    CMTs will always be required in a Fd Hosp (to paint boxes/stag on etc, had to have a bit of a dig) so it seems a bit short sighted of your CO to say what he did.

    Not to mention the effect on morale that it obviously has had.
  5. Sounds about right, clinical goverance and all those other nursey buzz words to keep the RAMC in its place.
  6. Its a clinical governance thing as Filbert says. Some CMT (TA) are not in clinical roles in civi street. This came on the back of complaints from Telic from our regular brothers and sisters that the TA CMTs weren't up to scratch and even dangerous. I found this to be the case in some but not in others and with the right support and training the TA CMT's quickly came up to speed.

    I do think your CO is being a bit short sighted as CMT's will be needed. Unfortunately his ORBAT is dictated to him from 2 MED BRIGADE and not by him so he may not be allowed to take as many as he would like. Imagine, nurses and docs stagging on after a shift on the wards! Sense of humour failure or what!

    In Fd Hosps (TA) there is also a move to have soldier nurses and cut down the officer posts as well. CMTs will be still be in existence but not in the way they are now - HCA, med stores and QM roles will be the career pathway I was told. A sort of advanced first aider with other skills bolted on. Unless you are a civi paramedic and then you get to do the sexy stuff.
  7. I was mobilised for Telic 6, as a CMT 3 Cpl, to 19 Regt RAP. I was accepted by the regular CMT 1s and very quickly brought up to speed by the Med Sgt and the other CMTs. Put through and passed my CMT2. I still pulled duty medic, still went on Med cover for patrols and other gallivants into the Iraq desert, was still involved in Medic training for other cap badges and I'm fairly certain I didn't piss any of the regulars I worked with off. BIG learning curve for me but the guys and lassies I worked with were brill. I am not nor do I want to be attached to a Field Hospital/Field Ambulance only because I am enjoying the work I do within 105 Regt RA (V) my TA unit. I enjoyed, yup, enjoyed myself during my time with 19 Regt. Cheers guys you know who you are.
  8. Are you badge RA or RAMC? Not trying to be mean but I find that there are far to many TA Medic that are Cpls etc and are only a class 3 tradesman. Im a CMT2 and a pvt...Does that mean that at your unit I could be a Cpl?

    T C
  9. Started out as RA Bdr, transferred to RAMC and took my 2 tapes with me. I was given two years to get my CMT2, however work commitments and Telic 6 meant it was 3 years before I got my CMT2. I dont know how a transfer in would work for yourself or others in your position, are you in a TAMS unit just now ??
  10. Oh don't worry m8, sounds like you earned your tapes! I just couldn't help getting the hump when on my class 2 course there were NCO's who were a class 3 like myself... Made me think that perhaps if I just hung around a while and didn't do much then I could be a Cpl as well!

    T C
  11. I cna understand getting the hump, been on the receiving end of "how the f*ck you manage that, you lucky sod" I think its partly because I am in an Artillery Regt TA and they dont understand what any of the Corps attached do and partly "its the Medics/Chefs/Clerks/Mechanics so lets leave them to themselves until we need them" attitude. I'm cool with that but I wouldn't mind if regular army or TAMS medics came in and keep me going in the right direction!
  12. I Know what you mean. I met a lad from an EOD unit and he was their only medic. So when it came to getting his hands on Med Stores or any Med training at all then he was stuffed. The advice he got was to contact some one up at 2 Bde, because at the end of the day, his PSI's etc didn't know sh1t about medic stuff.

    T C
  13. Cheat
    When I first started in TA Med Corps I had been out of RA regs for two years and I couldnt carry my rank across (obviously in my opinion). We were told untill you get CMT2 you cant make lance jack and You cant make full screw untill you have done CMT1, again in TA in my opinion rightfully so.
    If you are lucky you do your recruits year 1, CMT3 year 2, CMT2 year 3 (maybe get a tape) and CMT1 year 4/5 if you push it then maybe you get a second.

    My unit has started giving tapes out willy nilly now and it gets my back up (CMT3 lance jacks).

    Am I right in saying regs come out of basic with CMT2?
  14. Indeed they do. The need a years(?) clinical experience before they can go for CMT 1 or somesuch.