CMT opportunities in Germany??

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Louisa_Bop, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. I spoke to a CMT recently and she mentioned that she got the opportunity to go to Germany for a few years, can anyone elaborate on this and know whereabouts in Germany?? I only got speaking to her for a few minutes and I leave for basic in March then I do my CMT training.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I believe there is 2 Medical Regiment based out in Germany, in Hohne.

    When did you pass ADSC Louisa?
  3. Hi Buddy! I passed ADSC last week in July, it's been quite difficult getting information about where CMTs could be based. I was starting to wonder if they even existed!
  4. Cool, well I passed end of August and am just awaiting a date now.

    From what I've gathered from my friend there's also Med Regts in Yorkshire and Aldershot. A good search on Google should give you some more details if you're interested.
  5. LB,

    There are two Regiments in Germany (Munster/Hohne) and four in the UK. PM me if you want further details and good luck.
  6. the medical regiment in münster is moving to hohne in a year though
  7. Is it? When was that made news?
  8. münster is closing in 2014 and theyre starting to move all the regiments out of there
  9. I think the question was 'when was that officially put on open broadcast'?
  10. when it was put out to broadcast that osnabruck closed
  11. Münster was due to close by 2014 ( however everything is taking longer than expected and it is doubtful if it will close before 2016 ( in the mean time there are plans to move 1 Med Regt to Hohne (a beautiful part of Germany with plenty of potatoes, a theme park and a concentration camp (last used 1945)).
  12. I did hear that 1 Med were due to move, I had not heard that it was going to be next year?
  13. 1 Med is due to move in 2012 at the moment it is due to move to Hohne but the Regt has asked for this to be changed due to affiliated Bdes etc. But it is definitely leaving Munster
  14. That was definate when it first arrived.............................