CMT / Navy Medical Assistant / RAF Medic - Help please

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If this is in the wrong forum, my apologies.

I'm heading down to my local army recuitment office soon to speak to the recruiters and I have a clear view of what I want to do; I'm just not sure what it would be classified as? I want a role as a medic, quite simply because when I leave whichever branch I join I would like to be a paramedic.

I understand that the recruiters will provide me with vital information in regards to the positions mentioned in the title, but what would your experience / opinion be able to tell me that is unbias?

In total honesty I'm looking at something that would provide me with the experience needed. This is just in the case I leave after 4 years (6 years RAF?), but I'm a grafter and don't have a preference to the branch.

Here are the roles I have been looking at:

Combat Medical Technician - British Army Website

Royal Navy

RAF Medic - Medical and medical support careers - RAF Careers

I know the recruiters will provide me with the facts, but, I'm just here to hear what other people have to say about my situation.

Many thanks in advance.

HAve a read in this forum. Lots of info here before you go to the AFCO. - Disco
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