Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by putthatlightout, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone heard any news about the recent CMT JE? Lots of rumours at the minute.

    CMT is rubbish enough said thats my evaluation. Yes I've been a CMT too.
  3. Obviously no loss to the CMT CEG! Many thanks for the well thought out, intellegent post.
  4. Ex - Have been a CMT for long time and although its never given me the civ quals it promised back in the day its done right by me. You obv didnt have the morale fibre to stick out what is becoming one of the most demanding jobs (tours, pay, J3) (in my opinion) within the DMS.

    To that end dont make bone comments on something you couldnt see through.

    As for the CMT JE, let me know too.
  5. EX:- The question was who had heard anything. Not who was a dissillusioned ex medic. If you want to rant and rave then f off back to the council depot and winge to the mates you've probably been telling you were a Dr and now the medical advisor to SF like the walting barsteward you sound like. Hopefully you are now a civvie and did'nt re trade as we can't stand you moaning again about your career choice. Little more knowledge about the trade you signed up for, before you signed for it methinks.
    CMT is a very demanding job whichever cadre you opt for nowadays. The guys and girls supporting the current ops are working as hard if not harder than those they support.

    Warning:- winge about your job if your still in it. Whinge about a job you now have no knowledge of then prep for f off tablet.
  6. The CMT trade is still rubbish, you havent done the trade any favours with what you have posted on here in response to my comments. This website is a public facing forum! People with influence and those civilians who may wish to gain an insight into the military and the DMS read it. So, dont threaten people on here and use abusive lanuguage you'll create a bad impression. And the DMS is already under manned. I doubt that your comments would encourage any potential recruit to join the DMS. As a former CMT I am well within my rights to comment on the trade. Unfortunately, being a CMT hasnt improved. I doubt it will improve over night, therefore its still rubbish.
  7. The question posed was whether anyone had any news about the CMT JE which I believe was completed late last year. Ex is entitled to his opinion but the question posed was reference the JE.

    Like all CEG's we have personnel who are disgruntled with their role. It is good to see some positive posts though!
  8. i want to be a CMT when i join (going through the forms now),
    but people on here tell me its a dying trade, are they talking bull or is that true?
    if so what will replace it?
    and would it still worth going for CMT?

    cheers for any 'constructive' advice and info

  9. CMT's have been promised may things for as long as the trade has existed, and I'm sure that the same thing can be said of every other trade in every corps or regiment.

    CMT's are getting some additional qualifications. Well a few lucky ones are.
    Paramedic training has (I believe) already started and the selection interviews for CMT's to go on the Military Ambulance Tech course are being held next month.

    One of the biggest problems (as I see it) is the lack of information being passed down to the CMT's, who then rely on rumours. The best one being the 'super medic' rumour which reached me in 2003.
    How many CMT's have seen the CMT newsletter? How many were told about the Paramedic, Ambulance tech and Physicians assistant courses?

    I believe that the CMT CEG could be better than it is, perhaps the new courses will go someway to improving things.
  10. Like I said all trades have their share of disgruntled personnel. The CMT trade has changed and now offers opportunities to gain civilian recognised qualifications (ambulance technician/paramedic). You will need to work damn hard to achieve these quals though as from what I have heard they only take the top 5%. There was also talk of sending people away on Physicians Assistant courses (?in Canada). You can always go down the stores or med centre career pathway whichever expect to spend a lot of time away on Ops as do all squaddies.

    Field units can be a good laugh as long as you remain flexible. There can be a lot of very short notice tasks (including 6 month OP tours) come in that can ruin your own plans. Make the most of it whatever you decide. I like most have my whinges about it, but if I could go back a year or few I wouldn't change a thing.
  11. cheers for that do you know what i have to score on the BARB?
    and please tell me that its harder than the book iv been given makes out...

    tom is fatter that mark.
    who is getting laid tonight?

    all looks pretty easy...
  12. Ex - Read what you type before you submit. How have we not done our trade any favours? Your the one slaggin it and were defending it. Your the one giving civvies and potential recruits the bad image of the DMS.

    Your out now, so stay out of what you dont know anything about. Any potentials out there.. It isn't rubbish and Ex is just bitter. As posted above 'give it a little thought before you join' and you wont end up like Ex.
  13. Medic... BARB score? Mmmm let me see... 52 I believe but having come across a rather strange type in NI once a score of 10 should get you to RSM..

    Odd little fellow indeed.

    By the way... you will be on lower pay band so go for the infantry is my advice.

    A fine body of men... (Soon to be fine bodies of men!)