CMT is it worth it?

Hello, a newbie here. I have literally finished my online form to join the TA as a CMT with RAMC. I have trawled this website looking for any post to do with CMT to get a good idea what i'm letting myself in for. I have asked many recruitment officer questions however they will tell me what I want to hear. Could anyone out there (If they can be arsed or ARRSEd) be truthful as to whether it is just stagging on and tent erecting haha or will I learn a decent skill and enjoy it? I'm pretty mustard to crack on with it so I probably will anyway but any hints etc from any other CMT's out there would be appreciated. Thanks for your time


I'm in the same boat as you mate, and I've made my mind up to have a go at it. The alternative is to go to Afghanistan as FTRS with my old Batallion, but I think training as a CMT would be more useful in the long run.


its worth it, i joined the TA a year and half ago as a CMT im now a CMT2 some of the A&P went right over my head, then agian the stuff i learnt made me sound really smart at college parties! lol

seriously i suggest RAMC for TA.


It depends on a few things.. How pro-active you are, ie you get out what you put in and the like.. and what unit you are with and associated factors . I am attached to Inf and love it, i do the odd bit of training with a field hospital for clinical updates etc and then do lots of green med related stuff at my unit. I know a few folk at medical units and it seems i get the best of both worlds. But! if you are attached arms put time and effort in and you wont be forgotton, especially when it comes to battalion level training.
As far as Ops are concerned, i am soon to deploy with a regular inf unit which should be a good tour, im sure with my fair share of stag too.. but as you can imagine a lot more clinical stuff (this is where im careful about what i wish for)!!

If you have any specific questions PM me and i shall endevour to answer!