CMT intake for AFC Harrogate.


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Good question, well presented.

In lieu of anyone on the Board who actually KNOWS being willing to put their head above the parapet, I'll have a go.

I expect I'm wrong but I had the impression that CMTs did their Part 1 at any of the ATRs ( previously ATR Lichfield back in the day) and then followed up with a Tri-Service common Medical syllabus at Keogh Bks near Aldershot...but I expect I'm well out of date.

Watch this BBC Two - Frontline Medicine, Survival, Combat Medics .

The slightly sobered gents in the audience are not CMTs for the most part, this is just one of the stands everyone who goes through Bastion does../did.. Not everyone gets drawn on though ( the young lad playing the , ah, victim was actually a Crab from Odiham )

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