CMT Intake 24th October. Anyone else?

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by northernmed, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    Just been informed that I will start my Phase1 training in Pirbright on on 24th October. Anyone else starting the same time?

  2. Well done! What selection score did you get?
  3. Thanks! I'm not quite sure of the score. I think it was pretty good though. :)

  4. How long was your wait for a start date?
  5. I start on the 31st of October mate, will more than likely see you there!
  6. Excellent! What are you joining up as?

    I attended ADSC on 1st March 2011, and was given my start date on about 2nd May 2011. :)

  7. My phase 1 was October 31st but got a call from the careers office it is now on the 24th October make a facebook group for it :)
  8. There is a facebook group already mate, called "Pirbright - 24th October 2011". Have a look and join! :)
  9. Good luck people keep your head down and mouths shut, make like a sponge and take everything in and play the grey man, the real stuff starts once you hit your units where the above is good advice as well until you find your feet.
  10. Hey there! Yeah me too! I have been waiting for a date for months! Thank god it's not just me!
  11. Hi Brad there is a Facebook group, called Pirbright - 24th October 2011. There a a few members now joining on that date, come a join!