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Hey guys and girls, I'm new around here, and I have been to my local recruitment office and been given the application form. This i have filled in, apart from my passport info and what regiment I would like to join. For some time I've been interested in joining the RAMC as a CMT.

Cutting a long story short, is it possible for anybody to share any info about training as a CMT and what the daily life is for a CMT once he or she has been posted?

cheers :)
Heres another one that confused me a bit.

I've talked to a lot of people, searched all over the web, including the army website. In short, where does phase 1 training take place for RAMC recruits? Is it Catterick or Winchester? Or somewhere completely different?

thanks a lot :)
Daily life when not on ops?

23 years in the RAMC says yes.
Filbert Fox said:
23 years in the RAMC says yes.
okay thanks...i suppose the next question is do you actually enjoy the whole painting, boxes, tent thing? :D
sounds great. My second choice of career was the RAAC. do you fancy explaining that career with pretty pictures for me too? :D
okay thanks for that, ill be on the lookout. just out of curiousity, which corps did you join? :D (without a doubt they are gonna be the best)

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