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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by daniel89, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys, recently got my dates for Pirbright, going in for CMT. And was just wondering are there any serving
    or ex-serving CMTs here? its really hard to find detailed info on my job choice. I am really pleased with my job choice, but get a bit worried as ive never had any medical experience. Also, ive heard they are scrapping regimental CMTs and just wanted to know what is the day to day summary? thanks
  2. First off, great job choice.

    I am a CMT currently on Operations, i've been in the job for 9 years now and I think it's great. Don't get me wrong, your first posting after training will be to a medical regiment which isn't all that great, mostly tentage, exercises, checking med kit etc so not much hands on medically. But as you progress and hopefully promote then things get better. You can be posted to medical centres as part of an infantry battalion, training establishments or another medical regiement if your that way inclined.
    As for your phase 2 training, it is 20 weeks of 'Common Core School' at Keogh Barracks, followed by 6 weeks (I think) on placements at various med centres/hospitals then finally 7 weeks in 'Single Service' before your are released into the big bad world. Keogh Barracks is a tri-service establishment so you will be training alongside RAF & Navy.
    Being a medic on tour is a very rewarding job, it's a time where you will most likely get to do and the stuff you have been trained to do. I've got 4 operational tours under my belt and i wouldn't change my job for all the tea in China.
    I hope this is of some use to you and good luck for your training.
  3. Cheers mate, this kinda info is hard to get from my recruiter!! So do you get to do aid missions in places like Africa, or anywhere else? would like to travel a bit. Also, i read in Soldier magazine that they are gonna scrap regimental CMTs, meaning only a few people who show amazing fitness and medical skill will be posted to an infantry regiment, for a few years, which is gutting. Anyway thanks for replying
  4. Regimental CMT's are people who have joined the Infantry and for what ever reason have been given a job in the medical centre and because they work there they have to do medic training. The plan is to make them all either go back to doing an infantry job or make them re-capbadge to RAMC, that is what is meant by scrapping them as they are often taking up an RAMC posting. Anyone can be posted to an infantry or teetharms unit regardless of fitness.
  5. Right ok, i get you. Thanks for clearing that up!
  6. I'm an ex CMT - it's a great job once you get going and are posted to somewhere interesting like an infantry battalion, but I do recall my first posting to a Field Ambulance being very wet, cold, boring, lots of tentage, lots of kit checking, then going on ex to unpack the kit, loose the kit, repack the kit (wash rinse repeat) get back to Bulford, check kit, replace the kit, back to the beginning.

    You'll be reciting I1248 in your sleep by the time you get back to do your Class1
  7. Nice to hear something so positive about our trade. :)
  8. Haha ive heard there is a lot of tentage! So what job are you doing on civvy street if you dont mind me asking? ive heard CMTs get a pritty shit deal when they leave the army since they are not qualified for out side of the military. Also, whats I1248?
  9. I did a bit of close protection work, and some convoy security work in the Balkans, then kind of fell into IT through a mate who used to be a signaller. Been doing that for a few years, but I got back in touch with a mate who left "them" about 3 or four years ago, so I'm getting my civvy med certs done to go out back on contracts. Bloody expensive, so I think I'll be doing general security (shooter) work for a while first, though I may be up to Tier 2 medic in a couple of months

    I think it's improved since my time. I may be wrong but I think you get recognised ATLS, ACLS and BATLS

    Big long list of kit that goes in the resupply boxes, but don't worry about that right now - unless the worlds flipped upside down completely, you'll be well aware of what it is by the time class 1 comes around
  10. Haha im sure i will.
    Wow close protection! Was that easy to get into? They dont really advertise for that kind of work. Youve been around a bit, so i guess i shouldnt worry about after the Army! And thanks for the reply, its very much appreciated.
  11. But you can aspire to greatness.

    Search 'ODP' on the medical services page.

    CMT is a good start. Shit, piss, snot, pus; it's your new bread & butter!
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  12. Sorry - slight correction...........the RCMT who wishes to transfer to the RAMC can apply, but is expected to be deployable and pass an interview process. Also, in terms of fitness, if you are less than MFD, it is highly unlikely that you will be assigned to an RAP Yhey are MFD PIDS). Some are but the units they get assigned to tend to be those which are not deploying. Bottom line, fitness is seen as key within any unit now and PAP 10 is weeding out those who thought they could hide (it also looks after those who are genuinly unwell or damaged).
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  13. Why did this go to the Arrse hole?
  14. Because God loves the marine corps & hates the medics.
  15. How is this in the arrse hole?