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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Asclepios, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Most likely your first posting will be with either a med regt or field hospital. Depending on what section/squadron your posted into will determine your day to day routine e.g. Someone in Clinical Sqaudron in a field hospital will more than likely be looking after tentage and the equipment required for each of the departments, whereas someone in a Med Regt could be looking after the section kit which may be wheeled or armoured. Neither jobs are clinical in the day to day role, attachments to A&E departments or Ambulance placements do happen and are available depending on which unit you are posted too.

    Attachments/Postings to Teeth Arm units usually only go to LCpl and above, there you will be working mainly in the med centre either tending to patients or updating FMed 4's etc.
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  2. Thanks Cherryviper, So a lot of the job is just equiptment checks? I'm guessing that's what tentage is.
  3. not necessarily tentage but yes a fair percentage of your time is checking that the equipment you would use in the field is of a serviceable condition.
  4. Take a look at what I've just added to the thread ref ODP or CMT.

    There are loads of advantages to being a CMT and it going to get a whole lot better!!!
  5. Christ Lammy they have finally got to you mate!!, I don't remember you being this keen as a Tom!!.

    Seriously its good to see that my old trade is finally getting some notice and that not just the split arrses, tube sniffers or button pushers have decent stuff going on in their CEG's, I mean what use are they anyway if the CMT can't get them back to them in the first place!!

    Pulled the pin.....
  6. Cheers lad, I'm loving it :wink:
  7. I'm glad the powers that be are finally getting (some) CMTs a decent qualification, it was always promised and its finally happening, as for the comment about the other CEGs from Stan:

    "I mean what use are they anyway if the CMT can't get them back to them in the first place!!"

    whats the use of the CMT if there isnt anyone to send the casualties back to?
    They all (well most) have their uses, even if it is painting a box, mopping a blood stained floor or saying 'breathe in and hold' click :D