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CMT - difference in class 3 to 1, rank progression - reserves

Gamer 69

Hi there

Ex AGC -now accountant in the NHS. Last in green kit - 2007

Ex HCA - Trauma & Orthopedics, Psych Grad. Last in green kit (HCA) around 2012. Vocational NVQ.

I want to join the TA as a CMT to a unit. However, I'm trying to work out if I can add value in a role.

I keep hearing that CMTs are essentially paramedics. The WO2 of the unit (logistics) I am looking at is saying that they don't send their medics for training until 10 years.

I am consious that I want to see if I can translate what I have done in the NHS to the army. I don't care about being a paramedic necessarily, I just want to be competent and ideally get my Lance Jack tape back. I'd also like to do one last 'hurrah' if possible and want to make sure I can be of use if this is possible.

However if Class 1 is neccesary for promotion, I'm not sure how this is translated in the reserves?

There is a field hospital what seems more interested in doctors near me, there is some good chats I have had with the SSM of a logistics outfit that I am more inclined to go with.

Grateful if anyone could give some advise.

I have posted to the Reserves forum, but I wanted to try this forum as you guys are the subject matter experts.


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CMTs are not paramedics.

Unless things have drastically changed then some paramedics become CMTs, and some CMTs get the paramedic qualification.
It isn't common

Gamer 69

CMTs are not paramedics.

Unless things have drastically changed then some paramedics become CMTs, and some CMTs get the paramedic qualification.
It isn't common

Thanks, the way recruiters and people talk, they speak as if a CMT is paramedic level. It's actually having the opposite effect of making me want to join.

I think I am going to push forward with this then.


Go to a Med unit, they’ll have a look at your quals and you may be able to skip Class 3.
No one can escape Class 1’s not even registered paramedics, although they will give you a couple of tapes for being professionally qualified.
There is a route to getting your paramedic qual whilst serving and although the pathway is clear, there’s a lot of competition and red tape above our pay grades that’s preventing CMT’s upskilling right now!

As a CMT at a non-med unit you’ll be responsible for your own progression and currency a lot of the time. Unless you’re in a vocational medical job then that’s gonna be hard to maintain.

Joining a reserve medical unit would be your best bet IMHO, once your qualified then do a couple of years with an external unit before bouncing back to a Med Regt.

Hope this helps!

Gamer 69

Thanks for this. I have contacted the squadron, gave them a brief history of my experience and quals.

I'll await them and see what they have to say....


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Keep us updated.

As mentioned, CMTs are not Paramedics by default, however some skills are taught (on courses after you've been in a little while) which would only be performed by Paramedics in the civilian world. The job doesn't really align with the typical role of a Paramedic as CMTs also provide a lot of primary health care support. There are opportunities to become a Paramedic, however these are few and far between and the regulatory body (HCPC) is increasing the requirement in order to register from 2021.

Your previous experience may see you skip CMT3, but I'd imagine that would be it.

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