Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by putthatlightout, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. As mentioned in an earler thread, the CMT Job Evaluation was completed late last year. Nothing heard since! The odd rumour that it went well but nothing official.

    Call me bitter and twisted but, do the heirachy really give a stuff about the CMT CEG. They have secured favourable terms for doctors, nurses and other 'tech trades' etc. The largest CEG in the Corps fails to get a look in other than high band for RSM appointment (they really need retention incentives at that rank).

    Ok I am bitter and twisted, isn't it about time they got off their arrses and are seen to be making an effort for the CMT's. Take a leaf out of the chefs CEG, they do a damned good job in what can be shti conditions but don't we all?

    Supposedly these threads are monitored by the people at the top, if so then I don't think I am the only person disappointed with recognition in financial terms we recieve?
  2. Not this CEG matey, or anyother PAMs within the DMS. So far it all seems to be talk and paperwork and no real progress. So get your facts correct before blowing off steam!

    Oh and I would like to announce, that very soon I will join a certain TA Field a PQO!!!!! :headbang:
  3. I was in on that thread as ya know light. The facts seem to point towards they didnt give us the cred we deserved when the AFPRB was in town but maybe due to recent times things will change. Not F'kin likely but if we all make a wish, click our heels together and remove the bottom rib so we can kiss our own hoops and remain optimists then who knows.

    We've been undermanned and promised things for years and things are slowly changing. The thing that 'in my opinion' is holding us back is the good old clinical governance. Gone are the days of '2 brufen and tubigrip come back tomorrow' (probably a good thing?) but CMTs, especially in the CSMR dont get the time in Clinical hands on stuff.

    Now 5GS, they got their sh@t together, Hospitals, Ambulance crew attachments to name but a few, and thats it, its just the few and not the many getting the quality training. Is our CEG safe? Thats the question. :cry:
  4. OK, sure that they will love you for using the term 'STAB's', or are you calling yourself that dui-lai?
  5. Call me one all you want......I'll be TA soon enough :twisted:
  6. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    With respect CMT is the base level qualification within the AMS along with DSS and all matters doggy.

    Whilst CMT can be hard work and at times shoulders responsibility it is in now way deserving of the same pay band as, for example, radiography. It is a valuable a necessary role but that is it.

    Doing three courses over 5 years does not equate to 3 years full time study which in many cases still does not bring Tech Trade pay with it.

    Changing the title from Dental Clerk Assistant to Dental Support Specialist and Medical Assistant to Combat medical Technician did not make one a specialist and the other a technician.
  7. But a DSS is a specialist and (soon to be) registered with a professional body. Equivalent civvy quals etc etc. Team medic=CMT. Take a DSS away and it will soon be illegal for anyone else to try to fill their place. That's what I don't understand about the lack of specialist pay, are there certain criteria for a job to meet??
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    The CMT will always be the poor relation as they have no one to fight their corner when the chips are down.
  9. Team Medic does not = CMT :pissedoff: :meditate:
  10. Why do some units deploy with CMTs and some with team medics? Surely if a CMT was that important they would be attached to every Sqn/Coy?
  11. how about the low band clinical physiologists?
  12. Because there aren't enough CMTs to go round, Einstein!

    As for the original question, I think it's a little unfair to say that the CMT CEG has been completely disregarded. I have seen first hand the amount of work that has been put into the development of the CEG by certain personalities over the past three years at least, including a great deal of input by some very focussed CMTs in senior and clinical roles. Now, it's rare that I have anything positive to say about those at puzzle palace, but I do know that finally, the sorry state of the CMT CEG is - believe it or not - top of their concerns. It is going to take a while to work though decades of neglect and mis-management, but for the first time in many years, there is cause to be cautiously optimistic. I wouldn't suggest for one minute that the those in the corridors of power are getting everything right, but it would probably be helpful if Units were to pass on to their guys the progress being made instead of treating them like mushrooms. :D
  13. There aren't enough medics to go round! CMTs have been shafted for so long that they vote with their feet; recent changes have seen the opportunity to gain comparable civvy qualifications. That said medics still get fecked over by the low pay band and the ridiculously high tempo of Op Tours that they are needed to support; because there is a lack of medics!

    No Regiment of any hue is going to lose a soldier for six months to fill a DMS demanded position. Medicine and force protection are the job of the DMS; CMTs used to fulfill that role many units now manage to struggle a pass.

    I am a sole CMT in a CS regiment; thats it, there is your med support, there are team medics who have done the one week course, you go figure .
  14. So we get civvy nurses & the DSS's can deploy because we can't substitute them with any one week course type. Doesn that not make them specialists?
  15. youve got to look at the job the CMT does in everyday life, is it worth a higher pay band?
    On Ops some CMTs do a cracking job, but what do the majority do when in barracks? is checking tentage worth a high pay band?
    The tech and nurse paybands are the higher one (in certain ranks they are lower) because of the type of role they have on a day to day basis regardless of being on ops.