CMT choosing regiment?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by don_gorgon, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. hi, i'm applying to join the RAMC as a CMT, After training do you have to choose a regiment to go into or do the RAMC move you around the different ones as and when you're needed?

    also when can you apply to go into the 16 air assault? after being trained up to CMT class 2 or 1?

    looking forward to the replies..
  2. lol i asked that myself because im joining up as a cmt on the 30th of november and i asked myself if u can choose where u want to be posted
    and how hard is the parachute course and the all arms commando course
  3. After finishing phase two at Keogh you will go to a medical regiment or field hospital as a class two medic. No option at that point chose a infantry, artillery etc. You can chose after Keogh to go to 16 close support medical regiment which support the airborne brigade where you can attempt P coy.

    Within the next 3 years gain some experience as a class 2. Then you will be put onto your class one and you should hit your first promotion to L/Cpl. You can then go to a teeth arm. Which one depends on your promotion preference, If you want to go to a specific regiment then you you should ask about as it will ultimately depend on where their are slots for your rank.

    More about this will be explained when in training I am sure. Generally postings are 3 years.
  4. and how easy is it to change over to the qa's because ill think thats what im doing because u get youre corporal straight away after 3 years of training and its better civillian qualifacations
  5. Thanks applehead for the reply.

  6. KEE_J_M.......before you decide to transfer out of the RAMC into the QARANC why don't you first complete phase one and phase 2 training you tit. If you want to work in civvie street then stay in civvie street, you might find that the QA's will not be too keen on paying to train you if you plan to feck off soonest!!!

    para / bootneck / medic/ arrse

    editted to add.....fecking muppet.....location shown as Germany...pad brad by any chance

  7. Medman82

    harsh but fair.

    Please try to not put him/her off - the QAs are crying out for Para/Bootie/pre hospital care specialist Cpls to work in MDHU's. After his/her first posting they may consider ODP for a specialism, Mental Health for job satisfaction, or Lab Tech/X-ray Tech as a rest from all those Op tours!!!

    (tongue well in cheek)
  8. i was just asking mate no need to get offensive and im not a pad brat by the way
    well there is a civvy life after 24 years mate i dont want to live of the dole then so i want to get informed and i dont have any school qualifications so i have to get the NVQ level 3 first in a care related job first and maybe u can do civvy qualifactions one day as a med tech because then im not planing to transfer
  9. thx for the backup and the right info ;)