CMT after Para Depot; is it possible?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by boredcivvy, Mar 2, 2009.

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  1. Can you start CMT training straight out of Para Depot, or do you have to undertake a certain amount of time as an infanteer?

    thanks for your help
  2. No- you will most likely go to a rifle platoon to continue to learn the job you joined to do.
  3. With respect, conjecture is fine in some circumstances, but does anyone know the time spent in platoon before you can train as a CMT?
  4. If you are that keen to be a CMT why not join as a medic and when you have CMT3 put in for P Coy?
  5. Why are you joining a regiment with the aim of becoming something else?! Seems very strange to me.
  6. I'm not 100% sure what I want to do in the forces yet, I have my PROAC and OASC hopefully coming up if I pass my Filter Interview.

    So if I pass these 3 events I will hopefully be successful through IOT at Cranwell and JROC at Honnington.

    My other choice would be hopefully obtaining a place at Para Depot, as many sources, including ARRSE (private PM chats), friends in the Armed Forces, the Media, Internet research etc confirm that this the most arduous and challenging non- commissioned Infantry training within the UK Armed Forces followed by RM and then RAF Reg.

    The challenge of PARA depot is what draws me to it, as I have been told by a few sources that Line Infantry fitness standards are lower and the training less arduous.

    I am 29, so time is running out, I am 100% dedicated to hopefully joining the Armed Forces though
  7. followed by Raf reg?!! :roll: IIRC, their version of pre-parachute selection culminated in an epic 6 mile march and shoot lol. By the sounds of it, youd do well to go para reg and specialise once youve settled into battalion.
  8. As i said,once you have done a stint in a rifle company,you can specialize-bearing in mind want you want to do may not be what you get.
    I suggest you concern yourself with getting through the Depot first, your age is against you.
  9. You don't recall correctly.