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Alright Lads,

Firstly I apologise if there is a very similar thread to this, I couldn't find anything very recent.

I'm very keen on becoming a CMT, but was after some thoughts from someone serving or who recently served as one? I have also heard that the wait times are crazy, does anyone know how true this it?

I sent off my application on October 30th and start basic on the 22nd of May so the wait time wasn't as bad as expected to be honest
Hope its okay to jump in on this thread. I applied to be a CMT 2 years ago, got assigned to a medical squadron unit then my medical came back and there was a history of migraines so I was obviously deferred. I've just reapplied and have been told there's no chance on getting into a medical unit unless professionally trained and to try calling all local reserve units and asking if they can take me on. Is there any advice on units to ask (also what do I even say like 'hi, I know I don't actually want to train as a [insert whatever specialty the unit is] but could you take me on anyway?') or is it more of a throw everything at a wall and hope something will stick type situation.
I have my heart pretty set on being a CMT but am looking at other roles too just in case no one can take me. (I blame Our Girl personally)
From the website I'd guess it's probably an average wait time. It's not high priority like tank crewman or infantry, and it's not hidden (which I assume are filled/oversubscribed roles).

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