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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by andy261079, Feb 18, 2011.

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  1. Im think of joining the army as a cmt. I understand the role of cmt on the frontline but not sure when it come to 9 to 5 when not on tour or operation. please help
  2. "5 rounds, at the target in front of you, in your own time...go on!"
  3. Sorry fella, not sure what you mean?
  4. you can work 8:30 till 4:30, so it's close to 9 till 5..
  5. just to let you know, when you join up, if you call anyone of the same or higher rank "fella" they are legally allowed, nay, obliged to punch you as hard as they can
  6. My post was intended not for you, andy, but for all the flame-baiting trolls on here who will mercilessly rip the piss in the time-honoured ARRSE tradition.

    Had your question been, "I'm thinking of joining the Army as a CMT. I understand the role of the CMT on the frontline but not sure what CMTs do when not on tour or operations. Please help." might have got a less sarcastic response.

    Now I'm a nurse and, worse still in this place a Nursing Officer, so my cheerfully inane digs about Canvas Maintenance Technicians and so forth are unlikely to illuminate your enquiry, so I'll leave it to the diehard RAMC types to slag me off and then fill you in.
  7. There are a number of factors affecting what a CMT does during routine in barracks working including, what unit you are with and what part of the the tour rotation cycle you are on.

    If you are a CS Med Regt, chances are you will be either taking part in clinical training (apparently this is very popular now), preparing your ambulance (wheeled or Armoured) for exercise, restocking your sections kit or if your lucky enough to be in the dressing station or whatever they call it nowadays you will be checking tentage and kit.

    Fd Hosp you will most definately be checking the vast amount of kit and tentage making sure that it is ready to deploy at the drop of the hat even though in all likelyhood it will never go anywhere further than a field or exercise training area during one of many exercises you will encounter.

    Mix into that the PT, naafi breaks, endless hours of slagging off each others trade (especially the nurses) all RAMC have that in common and getting very drunk with a varying group of good people and right cocks then you will understand part of what a CMT does now in barracks.
  8. For CS Medical Regiment read GM Medical Regiment...............CS and GS are soooooooooooooo yesterday!!!!!!!
  9. ohhhh a GM Med Regt now fantastic!!!!! Call it what you want the job doesnt change and nor does the roles of the CMT/OPD/BMS/Bone Photographer/Nurse at the med regt. Everyone does the same job, checking tents, restocking kit, maintaining kit, clinical time for those that can be bothered to ask for it and the odd ambulance placement.
  10. Interesting view, but last time I checked, the blokes and girls were up to their necks in Kenya, Canada, clinical placements, tours, HFT, MST (and leave). I'm not saying you are wrong...........just that there is more for them to do now - and yes, G1098 checks stiil get done :eek:)
  11. Ok so I missed leave from my original post but the job still is what it was when I was a CMT, there has always been places like Kenya, Canada, Cyprus and Op Tours on a rotational basis or trawls are sent out for volunteers. Granted Clinical Placements seem to be happening more and more but these arent the jobs you would be doing "in barracks" like the OP asked. The jobs in barracks as stated are not just related to the CMT, everyone does it from SSgt to Pte, CMT or not, and on the odd occassion those higher than SSgt might get their hands dirty and get stuck in.

    I have been away from a field unit for 3 years now so somethings may have changed but I doubt it would be anything substantial except changing the name yet again. I am lucky or unlucky enough (however you want to look at it) now to be at a rank and in a job where the only time I have to spend time at a Field Unit is when I am attached to them on Op Tours, dont get me wrong some of the greatest times during my career have been serving in a Field Unit and I got to do things that I would never have done through my current career choice but I wouldnt swap what I have now to go back to a Field Unit.
  12. Sounds great, can I join? Oh yeah I forgot I did that before after getting fed the same lines 22 years ago and saw hardly any. Volunteered for all sorts over the years, Canada, Kenya, Brunei etc etc multiple times, either got given to the arrse kissers who were smoking pole or the useless tw*ts who they wanted rid of for a few months, clinical placements hah don't make me laugh more chance of a SOXMIS sighting.

    Ok Ok that was then and this is now I know thats coming, and yes its a while since I last pulled combats on, however there may be more placements etc to go on, but I bet the majority of the time its the same (faces fit) individuals getting loaded on to them.

    For the workers not the shirkers it will be G10 checks, box painting, and scrim patching with the odd inspection thrown in to really raise the morale, and if your lucky a POETS day most Fridays.

    Can someone who is currently a junior rank CMT in a Field unit please come on here and post exactly what you get up to when in Barracks at the moment (cos I reckon Top_Soldiers eyesight might have been damaged looking through those rose coloured glasses for so long!! sorry fella but the old cynic in me just don't believe!!) and please prove my suspicions wrong!!!