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  1. ok i know i am opening myself up for abuse but here goes.
    I am an ex reg who is now in the TA Royal Sigs(5 years) I am transfering to the RAMC and on my CMT 3 in Jan 07, has anyone got any info/lesson notes etc that they could either send or email to me.
  2. You'll probably get the same advice that you got when you asked in the TA forum here:


    What, our advice not good enough for you? :x

    Thought you said you would breeze it? Best of luck and enjoy!

    You won't need notes or lessons. You get everything you need.
  3. i never said i wopuld breeze it, if you open your eyes it was not me!!!!!
  4. My appologies. You said 'hopefully I'll be OK'.

    You will! Stop worrying! :wink: