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  1. kit list just states 95's and a small subdued rucksack ..any other tips of what kit to take other than a hawaiian shirt and beer money -regards
  2. How do you subdue a rucksack? Chloraform?
  3. Deffo :D

    Or love lube - dry bumming is no fun.
  4. Dont bother taking condoms. You can get them for nothing in the guard room!
  5. with a free pinhole put in each one!
  6. Unless the DS are feeling a bit more warry the exercise phase is in the wood by the carpark - Id take webbing (you may be dicked for a stag) but dont load yourself down with too much field kit.
  7. I take it your going to Keogh?!

    Didnt do any stag when i was there in may, wouldnt worry about that. then again, you never know.

    Theres a gym if your that way inclined and some nice runs, so PT kit if you like.

    Pens and Paper Pad, and something to keep it in like a plastic folder. Oh and your nice subdued daysack.

    There was a cash point on camp, think it had a fee though. but beer money a must!

    Naafi was ok, nothing to shout about, Potters down the road is Schitzer but better than nothing.

    The Spar shop was pants on toast when i was there but i believe it was in a 'phase of transition'

    Cook house food was actually ok.
  8. no stagging on! take some beers tokens and get down the mighty Aldershot at weekend
  9. Well I stagged on hence my saying it :!: We provided guard twice I must just be luckier than these chaps :?:
  10. MPGS do the stags now.

    Spar pretty bare at present.