CMT 3 (V) Course Dates

Can anyone PM or point me in the direction of the next few CMT3 Cse dates? I'm not in a Medical Unit so no one seems to be able to find them for me and a DII & ArmyNET search turned up nothing. Also a rough idea of what Course Content I can expect so I can get in amongst some pre-cse reading.

(Before we go around the usual, my PSI is having difficulty in finding the dates so I figured there's probably some Medics here in the know)


Cant help on dates ,but i wouldnt worry to much on pre course reading ,but if you must ! anatomy and physiology is key .
Get a "Ross and wilson" if your really keen :)
CMT 3 is a drinking course and in order to pass with distinction you need to get laid.

I passed with distinction and hangover in 98 (RMA 3). The certificate was soft and absorbent and was well handy on the route home. Those dandy medic chaps really do think of everything.

The lure of filthy nurses and CMT birds proved too much however and I rebadged RAMC soon after.

Good luck on your course.
As for course dates phone the courses clerk at keogh barracks.
Its not much more than BCDT except for the A&P, however you will leave with no more skills for the battle field than you already have.Just a little more knowledge!
I'll send you the courses clerk number tomorrow, If you are really lucky I'll even send you the course dates.
You have mail...

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