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I ahve been given my joining date for the course but not any joining instructions ie times, what the course contains, what kit i need to take(is there an ex on the the course) PSI tried ringing up but can't get an answer where my instructions are.
came anyone give me an insite into what goes on,



Can't help you with timing, but we just needed C95, PT kit, pens/pencils/papers/coulored pencils (i always find they help!). We didn't need webbing at any point from what I remember.
It's mainly classroom based (theory and practical), but you do get to do some excellent cas-sim. Exams are on both the fridays, first one is more A&P, second one is clinical. You'll be expected to stag on for one night, though some lucky gits got out of it...In the evenings, we went over what we learned during the day, played footy or went to the gym, then to the Naafi, or pub, or Cheeks (I think thats what its called...the legendery squaddy sticky floor club,lol!)... so you need civvis for going out in too.I think I drank my wages in those two weeks.... brill course, esp if the rest of the guys on it are a good group - ours was superb.

One thing I wish I'd known is that if you get a distinction (or whatever they call it) - think thats over 80%, but don't quote me on that - you can go on your CMT2 in 6 months instead of 12.

Have fun down there!!!

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