Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jase2472, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. Transfering from Royal Sigs to RAMC got my course date through 13th Jan 07 anyone else going? 8) Anyone got any tips
  2. Bring lots of Money!! :twisted:

    T C
  3. Listen, practice everything and enjoy the nights off.

    It will be the least physically demanding course you will ever do in your life. :)

    However, if you can take some equipment back to the block to practice on, then do. The instructors are pretty accomodating with this kind of thing. Even if you are caught naked with Annie at three o'clock in the morning...... :evil:
  4. enjoy it ,don't panic and every thing will come together. usually some nice totty on the course. take plenty of money.casual clothes.oh yeah the compulsory "latex straight jackets". enjoy.............
  5. "Usually some nice Totty on the course"

  6. usually, why? you been unlucky in "lurve".
  7. No , just don't remember any 'nice Totty' on the course. No wait, I do, but she was from my Regiment.

    Anyway , if you're going to try and tap a course member, do it quick before they try and bag a DS. :twisted:

    Cynical? Moi?

    As regards the course, just remember which hand is which :D
  8. As far as I remember it was the other way round with our lot....... 8O

    And everyone looks like nice totty by the end of the first week and ten pints. :roll:
  9. Did mine at Keogh in 2003, if it is anything like mine was you'll have a great time. Lots of classroom work and death by powerpoint but a good bit of practical stuff as well. Even had a couple of half day exercises on mine doing mass cas scenarios with the wrecked cars and AFVs and in a couple of old buildings.

    Instructors were excellent and let us take the kit back to the block to practice. We would usually be there for an hour sorting out everyones blood pressure and pulse 8O with all the kit before heading up to Potters for a few pints :D . Instructors were quite relaxed, think they saw it as a break from teaching the Phase 2 regs. Ended up serving with one of them on Telic 6.

  10. did mine in august this year...good course and cracking instructors. 1st week is first aid/trauma and the second week is clinical stuff. course cud be shorter but then it wouldnt count as some peoples camp :wink: .

    very relaxed and a good bit of hands on stuff

    your normally assessed by instructors from the RAF and RN cells and then was a cracking argument between them and our DS when they tried to fail some ppl on a technicality

    think there was only two students RTU'd off our's for failed things more than twice.

    best piece of advice avoid the phase 2's like the plague!!
  11. Brill course - I'm still in touch with most of the people off mine, that was 2.5 years ago. Practice the clin skills, avoid the common corps kids, and have loadsa fun!! If you can get hold of any reading stuff beforehand, could be an idea if you don't have a medical background - I know some people found it quite daunting. And if you DO have a medical background - learn what they teach you word for word, that's how you pass.. it's all gotta be done the army way!
  12. she a carpet muncher then!.
  13. She may well have munched carpet, but because she was being wheelbarrowed :twisted:

    errrrrr allegedly.