CMT 3 Course

Just found out that I will be off on this course fairly shortly. Coming from an Infantry unit not many people could give me the latest gen on the course. Any hints on what to expect and kit to take? Also what are the facilities like at Keogh Barracks?
Keogh is a hole, the accom is dire - even in the messes. However as there the Bks isn't going to close imminently (as has been threatened for the past 1000 years) there are new carpets and lockers in the Sandhurst block. Sgt's mess has very damp carpets since they turned on the hot sprinkler system (sorry, heating)

on camp there is..

The museum, Costa Coffee, WRVS, small spar shop, 'phase 2' and 'phase 3' bars, pay as you go internet terminals and erm.... that's about it.

Most students will have to park their cars on the car park a million miles from the accommodation and don't let anyone catch you parking in the wrong area. Marching troops have to follow the one way system. Tri service establishment so the RAF get all huffy that no-one takes them seriously and laughs at their 'drill'.

There isn't anything of any interest locally unless you like fishing in the lake/canal.

Don't try breaking into the helicopter to do any shagging as they've welded it up.
i did it in jan and my girlfriend did it a fortnight ago. when i did it it was piss easy, revised for a total of about 1 hr the whole time.

arrive at classroom at 08.30
start lessons at 09.00
naafi break at 10.00
back to class at 10.45
lunch at 12.00/12.30
back at 14.00
knock off about 16.00
if you were unlucky you had to do fire picket once, but not everybody did.

but my gf said that they got room inspections every morning and course content increased. by the sounds of it her course got fcuked over. but she got the new course instructors.

bring plenty of pens and highlighters and some notebooks

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY----LOTS OF BEER TOKENS becasue there is fcuk all else to do. seriously. potters will become your new home. apparently there is quite a good gym.
if ya want to know anymore pm me
Sounds like a bone question but is there a field phase? CFT? Just want to make sure I bring the right kit or will we literally be stuck in classrooms all week?
When I did my CMT 3 a year ago, we had one room inspection. The rest is pretty much class room work with two or three practical lesson outside doing cas sim stuff. Over all a really good course and I really enjoyed it. Wait until you do your CMT 2 course at strenstall. Thats when it starts getting intense.
Yep there is a field phase - however dont be surprised when it drops from a 3 day exercise to an afternoon in car park or in a barn ( as happened on both my CMT3 and 2 ).
Don't forget to fill out the end of course inval sheet (and hand it in to the 90yr old RAF woman) always put on it 'more PT and longer exercises' as you'll not be back on the course again. (unless you screw it up of course)
Thats if the course is still running next week !

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