CMT 3 Course Jan 07

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jase2472, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. I have been given my joining date for the course but not any joining instructions ie times, what the course contains, what kit i need to take(is there an ex on the the course) PSI tried ringing up but can't get an answer where my instructions are.
    came anyone give me an insite into what goes on,

  2. Jase,

    You are a worrier aren't you? I have never known someone panic so much about a course and start so many threads about it. I think you need to change your pants love.

    What do you normally need for a course? Little tip, take that.

    Otherwise if you need it spelled out for you:

    Webbing, helmet, sleeping bag, pillow, pyjamas, towel, wash and shaving kit, C95, PT kit (pretty much optional), paper, pencil, biro, highlighter pen, folder, KFS, cup, dancing kit, beer tokens, condoms (or not in your case), boots, polish.

    Anybody think of anything else???
  3. Earplugs if going to Keogh barracks.

    some twit kept setting the fire alarm off whilst I was there and ruining a nights sleep.
  4. i have done this course earlier this year good course a keogh barracks trust me its nearly all class room based and in the wards upstairs so full cs95's there is a mini exercise halfway through usually sunday after noon for a few hours not out in the field none of us had webbing or bergan or helmets and all was ok not really necessary a sleeping bag is good incase you get spammed for stag it happen but sheets are provided.

    note book and highlighters are good but all notes an course material are provided .

    apart from that lots of dosh for all the breaks to the naffi etc and weekends off enjoy worth while course in my opinon
  5. Listen pal i am just asking, i am not a nig so don't talk to me like one, i have done more time in the fcuking NAAFI queue that you probably done in the army i have done my time in the regs and after 6 years in the TA i am re-trading and just need to know a few things, better to ask than look like a mong which some people do cause they don't have the balls to ask :wink:
  6. You're acting like a Nig Jase. Everyone has given you advice, and above all chill out.

    The Instructors at Keogh do read Arrse , and now they'll be looking out for the highly strung ex-signaller who doesn't listen.

    As ex-regs are thin on the ground on these courses, it won't take log to bullseye you, will it.

    Just relax, chill out, take plenty or writing material , highlighter pens and smart uniform. Just because Keogh is RAMC , does not mean it's a doss, and they do expect standards of dress from course participants.

    Be prepared to do more than your fair share of block cleaning, because of the filthy little oiks that infest Sandhurst block.

    There is a lot of learning to do, and there will be lots of late nights, and yes, you can fail this course and get RTU'd.

    Relax, get a study partner, don't spend all your time in the bar, borrow any kit you need at night to practice, and above all , relax, you're going to learn a vital skillset, and if you are all over the place with worry, you will only ruin it for yourself.
  7. cheers buddy thats all i wanted to know
  8. Oh , the exercise is one day , but that may be different now. Take webbing. You will have very little time to get in the Gym , it's normally closed when you want to do some Fizz :(

    All the course stuff you need will be issued, no need for laptops, unless you're a young thruster who wants to compose lesson plans back at TAC afterwards.

    Take an MP3 player and a padlock , inspect the bedding when it's been issued, take back an iffy items immediately.

    There ARE room inspections.

    Keep the filthy oiks out of your crappers, and fire hoses are allegedly quite good for speed cleaning.

    There are payphones in SB , if you smoke, it's behind the cookhouse.

    March in groups, and I mean march , every other bod you come across at Keogh is a commission, so be prepared to throw one up. Even if it's to slack Crab girl Flight Looeys, who look at you like you stepped off Mars when you salute and say "Morning ma'am'. Slack b*tch still owes me a salute. On that note, Keogh is Tri-Service , so bone up on your Badges of rank before you get there. Throwing one up to a Petty Officer is Funny , not throwing one up to a RN Commander isn't.

    Do NOT fraternise with the very young Regular students, but you'll get that brief when you get there.

    Jimmy's is good for Tea and stickies at Naafi Break.

    Taxi's . 2 words here. ROBBING CNUTS. They have a captive market and they milk it , even if it's just down to the station.

    W/E break normally spent in Guildford, stay out of trouble, you're in Regular Army time now. Avoid Cheeks, the toilet.

    You MUST hold a current WHT signoff as you are expected to stag on at some point , and the Fit to attend paperwork. Take enough money , you do not have access to a Pay Office at Keogh , and you'll need enough for Beer and T-Shirts and Beer.

    You need your MOD90 , not a Stab-in-lieu , so make sure you can prise that out of the PSAO's grubby mitts.

    Be 5-10 minutes early , especially if you're DS. The lessons are up against the clock, and the sooner you're all there , the sooner they can start.
  9. I thought you got advice- every time you asked this question. Twice here, in the Professionally Qualified Forum and The Training Wing. That's when I ran out of patience- if you take note, I was helpful first.

    Build a bridge and get over it. :roll: