CMT 2 Reserve - Gaining Experience in Medical Centres/Hospitals

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Tank_Girl, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I completed my reservist CMT 2 training last year and am attached to an armoured unit. I am the most qualified CMT in my unit and an in unknown territory really in regards to how to go about getting medical experience to back up my role and prepare me for CMT1.

    I live in the West Midlands and apart from being a CMT have no civilian medical experience.

    Can any in the know medics advise how I go about approaching various medical institutions and any particular pointers as to what is the best GP surgery first or straight into obs at A&E departments.

    Apologies for sounding so clueless...this is because I am totally clueless. I approached a fmedic unit recently and they advised just to put myself out there which is difficult if you have no understanding of the process.

  2. How about an attachment to Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, I have a reg mate whose a full screw in the QARANC who is based their, PM if you want me to get him to give you a shout
  3. Get as much first hand experience as you possibly can, you'll need it, all the very best to you and good luck, don't worry I'm sure you'll do just fine.
  4. Try approaching your Trg Maj in the first instance! If he is any good he will assist, if not then at least as budget holder he is aware you are after an attachment and spending some of the unit MTD budget. If he cannot / will not help approach the nearest TA Fd Hosp, again a decent RNO or TM may assist.
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  5. Good luck with that... far too many constraints; Enhanced CRB, Honorary Contract, Occy Health Clearance, what clinical learning outcomes will CMTs be working to?

    The Trust would crusify anyone found getting a mucker in via unofficial routes...

    Good luck anyway...
  6. And herein lies the problem! How can you be current?

    As stated, go first to your TM or PSI, even better your med chain. They can approach med units in your area and when they do clinical training you can attend, with TM's consent. My unit does this in our brigade and with some success.

    The issue with this is that 'poaching' occurs and you will be invited to transfer, your T M will suspect this and may try to block you.

    TA CMTs in non med units is a reoccurring theme and there needs to be a robust system of career management in order for you to get the most appropriate training. I have advocated that all TA CMTs be managed under one banner, regardless of the unit in which they train. Despite the importance of the role there is, I believe, (correct me if I'm wrong) very little in the way of AMS support.

    Shouldn't all TA medics be at the same level in terms of competency? There are also issues of liability insurance if you step out the MOD bubble.

    If you really enjoy your role then your best option currently is to transfer to a med unit. I had the same problem you have many years ago and I stepped across to a med unit. We're always on med covers, teaching other units, getting med training and hospital placements and are, therefore, better equipped to do the medic role. I now have a professional med career and work in the NHS. The TA was instrumental in this.

    I've suggested two courses of action. Have a good think about it. If you need TA RAMC support PM me and I'll see what I can conjure up.
  7. while unofficial routes are a no go having someone on the inside willing to host said bod may smooth things over , but all the admin stuff still exists as an issue

    while linking in with DMS TA units will no doubt be beneficial how much real experience you'd get is debatable short of an op tour

    the fact is any kind of clinical experience will face the same issues

    sign up as Johnnie or a Red Cross first aider > ambulance bod = 'contract' , Enhanced CRB, OH clearance, training equivalences / attending specific to org training

    sign up as Ambulance trust First responder - same rigamarole ( at least W Mids FRs have a reasonable scope unlike some of the 'defib and tabard' schemes which frustrate the hell out of even basic johnnie FAs with how little they can do unless the patient is in cardiac arrest - one of the lasting marks of Roger Thayne's involvement with Staffs NHS ambis)

    sign up with a decent private ambulance firm that does event work - same rigamarole except possibly less emphasis on training systems c assimiliation esp if the management are ex mil

  8. I'm sorry but I have no idea what your saying... I probably need a code key?

    The fact that someone has signed up as Johnnie or a Red Cross first aider as you suggest above, does NOT qualify them to gain entry to work / gain experience in an NHS Trust... bureaucracy rules supreme as does Healthcare Governance... The fact that someone has an ECRB for the RC great, but they will need a new one (oh yes they do....) to work in a different working environment, as I've just had to have another one done (my previous one is only 2 years old)...

    The point I was originally making was 'it aint as easy as it was 20 years ago', we dont have military hospitals, we are hosted by NHS Trusts and are bound by their guidlines and Rules...

  9. First responder good call, you will get some good experience.. However there is a limited scope for a damn good reason.
    While I always give a hearty and well meant thank you to our responders, their ability to over step the mark and get in the way is at best frustrating and at worst down right dangerous. Which half wit in our Trust decided to let them loose in pairs on 12 hour shifts unpaid on CARS (no light mind you). Manys the time, today included, where the responder has to be asked to shut up and get out of the way as the grown ups have arrived. (he was there 5 seconds before me and ran, actually ran into the house ignoring me in the process). Defib and Tabbard.....excellent, excellent idea ! And they do Stirling service, it would be excellent experience and you would get an FPOS qual out of it too. Just don't over step the mark, infact it's a good exercise in learning to operate in your field of knowledge and "knowing what to do when, you don't know what to do". Drop us a PM and I can probably put you in touch with your local scheme Ambo dude.......after all part of my role is to train them !

    Just a footnote, coz I can't contain myself...the worst the absolute worst for generally getting in the way as FR's are the Johners and Red Crossers. Operating in their own environment again fair play and good on em, but when I turn up I have a University education, decades of military and civilian "Pre-hospital" experience, a canny eye for what's going down and a stinking attitude if I'm trying to get past you to get eyes on the patient who has become my clinical responsibility the second I put the car or truck in gear.......ooh that's better. :0)

    Footnote to the footnote......some of the best FR's we have are the REME lads at Arborfield, no chips on their shoulders about not being able to play with more toys and bloody useful extra set of hands to have when you need them always a bonus to turn up and have them there !
  10. Thanks for all the advice, all really helpful.

    Have a few leads to follow up now.

    Thanks again.