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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by topcat0909, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. what jobs are there for a cmt 2 leaving the army after 5 years looking at oil rigs or nhs please any body let me no.
  2. You need to think about:
    What does an unqualified CMT equate to in civvie street?
    What is a CMT 1 the equivilant of? Then half it and be amazingly optimistic.
  3. Student nurse / ambulance driver / nursing auxillary. Need to do quals - no civvy equivalent im afraid.
  4. If you want to stay doing medical work.. go to uni... NHS will pay your tuition fees...

    Will have a ball.. as long as you work hard as well...

    If you do a medical course plenty of birds on it as well! The social health care faculty at the uni I go to is exploding at the seam with chicks....

    If you did certain courses could all ways re-join if you do not want NHS route...
  5. Try this thread:

    Oil Rigs

    There are shed loads of hoops to jump through and quals needed to get on the rigs, your CMT 2 wont help you at all.
  6. His CMT2 and a big bag off cash will get him on an offshore medics course....................
  7. As a CMT 2 i dont think the abillity to count Tents etc will be of any benefit to the Offshore Industry at the present time.
  8. :D I said it would get him a course not a job, I don't flog fairy dust or kiss frogs
  9. As a CMT 2 with 3 years in I left and did.............. an engineering degree :D

    I left just as the recession of 90-91 kicked in. If you've not signed off stay in and get some more qualifications / experience as this one will be worse.
  10. To answer your question...

    Your CMT2 will get you an interview at McDonalds....maybe, and you can look at oil rigs as much as you want!!
  11. You can start looking at Rigs here:


    Brrrrrr cold.
  12. You could join the TA as a CMT 2, then who knows maybe 10 15 years you may be able to join the regs again as a CMT 2, what do you reckon? there is a job as a civi practice manager going at shrivenham 25K a year. they are desperate so theyll prob take you lol
  13. I'd have to say anyone setting out to launch themselves onto the civvy job market at the moment is damn brave, particularly when you have some frankly pretty pants "quals". If nothing else low-level med industry jobs are badly paid and have rotten hours in facilities and organisations every bit as bad as the worst MOD "offers" - except maybe a FOB !.

    Think long and hard before you hand your papers in.
  14. [​IMG]

    Interesting question... why indeed! And where has topcat0909 gone?