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  1. Hello folks, is it possible to be a CMT1 (V) in a non medical unit eg RE RLC etc whilst being an RGN (Adult Branch). Would the RGN qual cover the clinical aspect of the CMT 1 (V) trade.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Are you a CMT?
  3. Yes, I have been a CMT 1 now for a while. I qualified as a CMT 1 whilst I was a student nurse, now that I`m an RGN I want to
    stay in that slot. I don`t fancy the idea of working in a field hospital, much prefer to with a non medical unit as a CMT.
  4. As a regular CMT 1 you get attached to Units as Battalion/Troop Medic. I was 3 Royal Anglians Medic in Londonderry in 1992 on their last tour before they disbanded.. Batus & The Falklands used to be another good attachment. Not sure what the score is now though. Would being a qualified RGN not automatically make you able to Commission as a Nursing Officer..??