CMT 1 course dates

Hi all,
Am looking for some course dates for CMT 1, DITS and BCDT instructer. Went to my PSI who said he didn't deal with that, was too busy and I should go to the SPSI instead. Who was also really busy. I should go to the MOD website and look at the course list to get the dates myself, and they can then book it for me.

However, after having a wander around the MOD website, the Army net website and ARRSE, at a push, I am still nowhere fast.

Can anyone give me a clue as to course dates? Heard a rumour CMT 1 wasn't running until January 2011. Or maybe a linky to this fabled online course list?

Any help would be appreciated.

Erm I understand your post to read that you have been everywhere but to your chain of command? I am surprised the PSI did not know or direct you to your command chain, ask your Training Officer, the LE chap on the golf course :)
New course dates have just been published by the Joint Medical Command (JMC) in Lichfield.

There is ONE Class 1 course running for both TA and regular personnel but unless you are about to deploy you will not get on it. Get your PSI to search for the JMC Army Briefing Note (ABN).

If this fails - PM me and I can let you know next week.
Thanks for the reply above.

Got given a handy tip. Go to Armynet and type "TA Courses" in the search bar, after a quick look through the result found a course handbook. Gave me the info I needed.

Also, seems some RTC's have a page on armynet. And some of them put their course books on this page. Just a pointer for the future for anyone who wants to know. For CMT courses look at the defence med school or 2 med Bde.

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