Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jabba, May 14, 2007.

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  1. got my cmsr two week camp in few weeks basildon or sumthin like that any one been? wats it like? any info on what goes on during the two weeks, and do you get the weekend of!!? or any free time, cheers
  2. 1) Yes
    2) Shit
    3) During the two weeks, you get repeatedly raped by the DS
    4) No weekend off, you lazy cunt
    5) You do get free time, but its all spent ironing anyway

    Have a nice time
  3. Basildon?

    Did I just read that correctly? If you think you're going to Basildon then I suggest you read your joining instructions again. oh - and you don't the weekend off during your CMSR - not that you'd want to if you were in Basildon.
  4. Bassingbourne, perchance?
  5. Try asking your recruiting NCO's what goes on at ATR's ( Army Training Regiments). - Can't believe they havn't briefed you already. :roll:
  6. Good attention to detail. Just make sure you get to Basildon with a few spare G's and H's packed.
  7. amazing place full of memories!!!! The good old Memphis Belle bar!!! and a nice airfield to run round also!!! Lovely in a cross wind!!!
  8. mate trust me if you were at basildon you turn up to the camp to find the local population has either sprayed graffiti or nicked the fence the wheels off the vechilces would have been nicked and all the windows would have been smashed