Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by gah123, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. hi people, just finished my cmsr today, passed out today, and i feel like ive accomplished alot. everything went well, met some good people, and learned alot, ie not to put my eye too close to the ironsight when firing! thanks to everyone to everyone who helped me two weeks ago with my worries. id recomend this life to anyone!


    gunner hill (no longer recruit!)
  2. Well done mate, it gets interesting from this point on.

    Oh and you’re still a recruit until you complete TAF3 :wink:
  3. TAF 3? ive done TAF A and B, CMSR.. i thaught that was it!!!! TAF 3,... would that be my GAP training? what does it consist of?
  4. Yes, TAF3 is also known as bridging the gap.

    It consists of first aid, NBC, map reading, shooting moving targets, and the military swim test.

    You have a choice of doing it over 4 weekends or a 10 day camp (don’t quote me on the length of the camp, I took the weekend route).
  5. ah, we touched on all of the above, apart from the swiming. That CS gas is pretty soar especially when you get back from the 3 nights on the field with those "un-noticed" cuts and grazes you get.... and yes i did cry.
  6. Thankyou? to training staff? surely not? Range Staff included? even the Monkey's? Find out why they got there nickname :lol:
    I'm sure you are now a fully qualified 'Frame Flinger' and as for the eye........ I'm sure you'll listen to your coach next time? :evil:

    Congrats on passing!
  7. the monkeys..... something to do with the monkeys that wore the red hats....
  8. Organ grinder.................. or the........... :oops:
  9. i take it you completed your training at Lichfield or Grantham?
  10. no in Tenby with 104 regiment artillery, apparently its the first and last time a regiment has run the course.
  11. I've got my CMSR at the end of April in Bassingbourn, a bit nervous I have to admit.
  12. You'll be ok, get your fitness sorted and you might even manage to enjoy it.
  13. 202 sqdn :D
  14. it will be fine, the most annoying part of it all was the waiting around and the lack of organisation. Good luck with it though.
  15. Welcome to the British Army!
    This is called 'Hurry up and wait' or 'On the bus, off the bus' It is practiced in all Corps and Regiments however RLC Mover's seem to have perfected the art! Top Tip is get used to it, you'll see a lot of it through your career :?