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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by section10, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. hi guys just wondering if anyone can say what litchfeild is like, i have my 2 week recruit training there coming up,im a mature recruit in age, any tips to get me through alive, many thanks and regards
  2. Work on your fitness Mate, that has got to be a big help. Speaking as an old bugger myself, there's nothing like being able to give the youngsters a run for their money.

    Try and get some tips on polishing boots and sorting kit, and make sure your sense of humour is fully charged.

    Then just enjoy!
  3. cheers 4th_of_foot, yes i suppose fitness is a must. whats the situation on kit inspection and do you still have to have it laid out on your bed. never had to on phase 1a and 1b, any tips on that would be great. also what sought of rest time do you get as training 15 hours a day for 14 days at my age will zap my batteries lol. im sure we would not train for that time every day.
  4. enjoy running up steep hills with trees

    also theyll make you crawl through nettle bushes

    stings the gonads to say the least
  5. Watch out for the travelator :)
    And don't ever try and avoid nettles or thistles, just jump right in there, you don't want to miss that bit of building your character!
  6. lol on a serious note guys what should i take to make life alot easier.

    is there any laundry facilitys?

    whats the food like, is it payd?

    whats the training staff like?

    whats the accomadation like?

    will i live lol ?
  7. i would like to know this too as im off for my 2 week CMSR 2moro aswell...when you going section? im mature aswell (well according to my age haha, 26)
  8. hi mennox

    i go on the 8th to litchfeild, well if your the mature age at 26 im a fossal at 34, look for me at the back of the cft lol.

    you will have to let me know if thats were you going at same time and i will have to look out for you. let me know if you any tips on going mate
  9. yep im going then too :D

    Dont worry about being at back of CFT mate, ill be there with ya haha

    Listen out for someone called Festa (nickname), thats me :) oh and im the short guy too haha, so just gimme a heads up when we are there.

    From the joining instructions ive read, we are 'free feeders' so dont have to pay for meals unless we want additional items.

    Other then that mate, dont know much myself other then go there with the attitude of passing :)
  10. oh thats good at least i will know someone there,


    feeling a little low about going but im sure it will pass,

    was wondering why they call you festa, sounds a bit cheesy if you know what i mean lol :)

    just hope you will be in my section then, im taking a kettle so i can have tea in the morning before fitness, dont think they deliver newspapers lol keep intouch mate
  11. haha dont think missus will be too happy if i took the kettle aswell lol, she already not happy with me its gonna be hard for my kids too, but im trying to stay positive lol.

    well i have a baldy head, and got told i look like Uncle Festa sticks but its cool

    im heading there 2moro night? how about u?
  12. dont worry mate my missus feels same, daughters upset, keeps crying at night time asking me to not go, hard choice mate, if i get treated like a muppet it might just be enough to rtu, family come first mate.

    some reason im going early sat am, only one going from my unit (RE)

    my running fitness not too bad, just enough to out run the local hoody gangs in my town lol

    just hope training team not anti ta or we can kiss our ass goodbye lol
  13. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    This info dates from 2003.. but..

    Small radio, decent iron.

    Yes, put your washing in, pick it up next day. Excellent.

    Food was standard army rubbish, edible. Not that we has much time to eat it.

    They change regularly, so no idea. Mine were fine.

    We were in 10 man rooms, no bunks. Nothing flash, but comfortable enough.
    You'll be fine.. Keep a sense of humour and pay attention to what you're being taught. Good luck.
  14. cheers mate! :thumleft:
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Well, they probably won't treat you like a visiting professor...