CMSR courses cancelled

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Heard a rumour over the weekend that these have been cancelled until March?

    Any truth in it?

  2. Heard the same, but was told January.
  3. I completed mine about a month ago, lads n lasses who were due theirs this month have had it postponed till February.

    So they (the ATR) can change over to the MATTS system (so we were told).

    The only difference I could see was they weren't calling NBC CBRN yet.

    The CS gas seemed the same whatever they called the lesson. 8O
  4. Good thing there is no need for fresh young junior soldiers.
  5. Enjoy it while you can. Aren't they moving to some pepper based replacement?
  6. yes they have as the new recruiting system comes in to places
  7. The matts excuse won't wash, that's for trained soldiers, isn't it?

    Up here we've just started the new system(well the system we used before the Gap stuff) the first w/e 1 is this comming w/e.

    First I've heard of the pepper spray stuff, but hey.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    So is everyone just not recruiting to save these poor saps having to wait not only 6 months for their pay to be sorted out, but also so that they can be trained?

  9. Its all to do with each Bde area running its own RTC, like Altcar.
    Only problem is no funds, no staff, no accommodation, no classrooms, must be a TA thing!
    The Regs have no problems under OAR....
  10. RTC's are running CMSR's now. 143 Bde start this month. Would have to disagree with the "no funds, no staff, no accommodation, no classrooms, must be a TA thing!" though.

    Ok a little light on staff but isn't that always the same for every branch of the services.

    We're like a pack of wrinkly ninga's just waiting on it to start now...who needs days off!
  11. Hmmn RTCs taking their own CMSRs, so who teaches the recruits prior to them going on CMSR? their own unit?
  12. TAFS has been phased out. GAPS is being phased out, last cycle is this quarter, and thats only for pers who had part progressed through on old scheme.

    All newbies go on the revised phase 1A/B program, which takes min of 6 weekends (+ 3 more if Inf).

    Phase 1A is equivalent of old TAFS, can be delivered at unit or at RTC. Phase 1B (formerly GAPS) has to be delivered by RTC. Pers must be loaded onto the entire cycle of weekends, even if they are doing phase 1A in unit (in this case their unit should tell RTC not to expect them until weekend 3 of the cycle).

    Recruits are expected to go to all weekends on a cycle. And so are nominated Instr's (which is a pain in arrse).

    Its an ambitious project IMHO. The COC seem to expect that everyone will be able to turn up for all weekends in the cycle. I wonder how many of the instr's they need can commit on that level. I know i can't. I'll be happy to turn in when available though. Lets give it a whirl and see eh?

  13. The system we've put into place is TAFS 2 then 7 w/e with OA&S being tested on w/e 4 whilst the inf do their own w/e 4, OA&S then go to ATRs & at the end of w/e 7 the inf go to CIC.

    FTRSing the instructorss, well a core of them, could be a solution to continuity, but a hassle to set up & run, as in some cases it would require permenant accomodation & class rooms. It would be nice to see but I'm not holding my breath.
  14. FF you still on about the FTRS/NRPS possibility!!!!!!

    Hmmmmmm Good idea though!

    Gees a job!