cmsr bassingbourne

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jabba, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. anyone of to bassingbourn on 7th july doin cmsr? anyone been recently? any info? tips ect , cheers guys
  2. yeah spell it right- Bassingbourn- no e! and two don't do it!! ha
  3. erm.cheers for that vern, good of you to spot my spelling mistake mate, and thanks for taking the time to post a reply to me about the spelling mistake ( was there a break in corrie?) (was you inbetween strokes) or was you just so fu**g bored with your life that you just just just had to tell me about .yea u got it THE SPELLING MISTAKE! anyway back to the original question,
  4. i'm being serious, don't do it?? were u offered another training place to do training, or is that ur nearest recruit training place?
  5. was nearest to me so wat can ya do, prob all as bad as each other mate
  6. it ain't that bad, to be honest; it all depends which company takes u, some of the instructors are so far up their own arse its shocking. Some are anti TA. sorry mate!!
  7. yea i bet they are, just have to get on with it, ta for tha