CMSR at Bassingbourn

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Rec-Piles, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. Is there any one going to bassingbourn this weekend or their 2 week camp?

    Im currently S******g bricks at the moment.
  2. we are sendin a few of our recruits down for that one. i think they are gettin worried aswell.

    just go with an open mind, your gonna get beasted no matter how hard you try, just take it and keep plodding on, it`ll be the best 2 weeks laff you`ve had for ages.
  3. Where are your recruits coming from?
  4. I did my CMSR(TA) there just after Easter, and Spurtsluv did his there a few weeks after that. Apart from some particularly nasty packed lunches it really wasn't bad.
  5. Just heard i'm heading to Bassingbourn for my two weeks. Definitely bricking it!
  6. I did my cmsr at warcop. Its really not that bad, its hard work, but just put your back into it and work hard. its not a hard course, but people DO fail. Think fast, act fast, you cant go wrong, unless your a complete mongoloid. Its a bloody good laugh and you'll make some good friends there as well. So stop bricking it, have some b****x, get out there and get your fitness up in preparation, it will help in the long run.

    Oh, and good luck! :D

  7. I can do the mile n half in 13.40, should be able to do it a bit faster, will i get rtu'd? thats the main thing im worried about.
  8. I did mine at Grantham. It's a great two weeks. Just be ready to learn and don't answer back because you will never be right!
  9. Bassingbourn is good. I trained there when the Regular RE/RS/Queens Div trained there. Its one of the better ATR's. 13 minutes+ though? Are you kidding?
  10. More than anything remember this: put into it everything you have and you will do fine. You will have to do CICs yet, so as long as you put in the effort it will be noted, you are required to do it in the given time on CIC though. I did mine on cmsr in 12.06. with training and effort i can now clear it. You are still training, this is your first real stint, so nobody is expected to run it in 10.30 first time. thats why they call it training i suppose. but make sure youcan do it comfortably before CIC or rtu'd it is!!
  11. chalky will never forget his time as HMP Grantham
    "Press Up Position Down" :D
  12. Nah i did mine at Bassingbourn and someone took 19 mins (fcuk knows how, i can walk it faster than that) and nobody got RTU'd. I was sh*ting it as well but it aint as bad as you think it'll be. i acutally wish i was back there now as there some really good lads. However there is a corporal who can be a complete cnut if u piss him off, im sure u will find out who i mean. Anyway good luck and enjoy it.
  13. By the way did anyone do there CMSR(TA) starting day before Easter? I know theres some of you lurking around cos u told me u come on this site.
  14. When did you do your cmsr? Cos they may have changed the times and got strickter.
  15. Read my second post. I doubt theyll have got stricter since then, and even if they have just push yourself as hard as you can. there will a corporal running at the right sort of pace for you to pass so keep up with him and youll be fine.