CMS TA Amdt 4


Any other instructors seen this yet, the new SuT reports.....Jezzo, when do we get a chance to teach?


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Thanks for the heads up. From a unit perspective the new report at least gives dates that MATTs were completed and clarifies what is covered on the course for those not familiar with the iSpecs. It should finally spell it out to units that MATT 2 is not covered...
I just means you end up with an hour less in the bar during the first weekend and the course OC has a little more MS to complete :)

However the output state for TSC (Inf) loaded march is incorrect on it :)


An hour less in the bar! w/e 3 coaching sessions; even with 5 mins per SuT with 30 SuT that's just under 3 hours.......
The OC filling reports in! With only 7 instructors we're hard pushed as it is, now it's just ridiculous.

It's by the by as we're not running with it yet because our programme hasn't been 'approved' by ITG and I'm away soon, leaving just 6.