Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by darbs, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. Hi anyone else on arrse going on this weekend, And what can be expected?
    Not really been given any information on what to expect just what to take. So if anyone can give any good advise please feel free to share.

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Please can you turn the answers into a wiki page, this sort of question turns up fairly often?

  3. Ok this is what i did on my week end1, not grantham though but im sure its the same kind of thing.


    0715-0730 parade/inspection
    0830-1000 security threats and mod alert status
    1015-1145 foot drill at halt
    1145-1230 military law
    1330-1415 arms sevices and deployments
    1415-1500 badges of rank and key personel
    1515-1600 drill, dressing in ranks
    1600-1730 PT pfa etc
    1815-1900pay and charges
    1900-1945 uniform and dress standards
    rest of night ironing kit etc!!

    0630-0715 voluntary 'cough' pt sesison
    0715-0730 parade/admin
    0830-0915 values and standards of british soldier
    1015-1145 drill revision
    1145-1230 admin/ falling out parade.


    keep gob shut
    sleep when they tell you to
    if ur pulled up for somthing on 1st parade make sure its fixed for 2nd parade.
    make sure you have pens paper etc
    bring everything on ur kit list, iron and board too, ull need it
    iron ur 95's and put them on a hanger if you go fri night saves ironing them fri night.
    brush ur beret
    dont be ******* late for lessons!
    have a sense of humour

    and good luck!!
  4. Thanks indifferent, i am amazed that there is not someone on here who would have more upto date info.
  5. Always be at least 5 mins early for any time you're given.

    If you smoke, dont ask for a fag break during drill / lessons (you'll be suprised, some people will!!)

    When doing PT, address instructors as 'Staff' and ditto to the other advice.
  6. If you have the same guy for drill as we did then he smokes like a chimney and is more than happy to give fag breaks!!
  7. Not on topic at all... BUT, there are Per Sec issues with the tittle of this post. I know chances of anything happening are small, but giving away the dates and times that troops are going to be arriving at the camp/Train station etc I think is a bit much.

    Call me alarmist, but IIRC two or three young lads got killed by the IRA waiting for transport from a train station to their ATR.

    T C
  8. well that kinda killed that thread!
  9. I'll be there repeating my TAFS2 so make yourself known if you get chance. RE cap badge, DPM uniform etc. I'm sure you'll spot me!
  10. yer thanks rockhopper, well that would kinda narrow it down :?