CMS (R): Malta barracks or Grantham

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by lambooner, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    I am currently attending Malta Barracks every other weekend to complete my CMS(R). Now i've just had a phone call from my unit telling me they have plans to pull me from Malta and put me on a 2 week course at Grantham in april.

    My question is does anyone have experience of CMS at Grantham?

    I probably wont have a choice in the matter, but im quite happy at Malta (staff are good, blokes are a laugh and the scoffs not bad!) and seems a waste of weekends to now go to Grantham.

    Just trying to weigh up Malta vs Grantham

  2. I now I'm old fashioned, but do *you* want to do the two weeker?

    If you are on say weekend five, is there a much point in re-doing a lot of the lessons?
  3. Are you sure that they are "pulling you" lamb? 6 weekends at a RTC (parts a and b) followed by two weeks part C at an ATR is the normal process for non inf.
  4. i have done the same course that you are on now,
    its 6 weekends (part 1A & 1B) and THEN 2 weeks at grantham (part 1C)
  5. Well my Ssgt def said his plan was to sack aldershot, and restart in grantham - whether he has the wrong end of the stick is a different matter!!

    Cheers guys, i shall double check with him that wires arent getting crossed!
  6. Oh and BB, personally id sooner finish at aldershot, ive just learned eyeryones name ffs! lol
  7. can you find out why he wants to sack Aldershot?

    Is it a big drive for him friday and sunday?...
  8. apparantly he's sick of all his SUTs coming back talking about "swords".
  9. Come on, Resistance Is Futile...
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Grantham is a hole. Been going there for 12 years now, and its like stepping into the Twilight Zone. Good luck.
  11. Oh yes, they gave it a new naafi in the hope of injecting some life into the place and has suceeded in making it have the same atmosphere as a airport depature lounge with no departures.
  12. lamboner
    Are you National TA by any chance? - Cos if you are I know excatly the reason
  13. Yes mate, im in a national TA unit. The reason why he wants to sack Grantham is that its a pain getting rifles from my unit to Aldershot every other weekend.

    Out of interest how easy is it to sign a rifle out from a unit other than my own??? As this would solve the logistical problem that we currently face.

  14. Don't 4 Div RTC hold their own weapons?
  15. No they don't hold their own weapons, the plan was for units sending Recruits to Malta Bks to lodge a suitable number of weapons there. However I believe there were problems with the armoury and this plan didn't happen. As ever I stand to be corrected but someone more current with the situation at Malta.