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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by shakey08, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Morning all,

    Just a quick question on the CMS(R), how many weeks is it after you pass your phase one training would you need to take a refresher weekend before you head off to your phase two???

    My final weekend at Strensall is April 3-5th but I don't go to Grantham until mid June, will I need a refresher weekend??

    Also, does anybody have a training program for Grantham? If so could I take a sneek peak :D

  2. it is 8 weeks from finishing part 1b that you need to start 1c (cmsr) however sometimes the allowance slides, as in i finished my part 1b in spetember and started in grantham in january, but the shorter the better
    i did have a training prgram but i lost it when i left,
    sorry i couldnt be much more help
  3. Cheers :eek:

    Think I will be closer to 9-10 weeks, might just see if I can complete the test weekend again from 1b rather than try and avoid a refresher!

    Anybody have a training program for Grantham???
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Your PSI ;)
  5. Alot of the june/july dates are being booked up already so im told so get in there quick :)
  6. Luckly when I was on weekend 4 my unit booked my place! They figured I would pass testing weekend :p as I have a brain..... :D

    Checked with my PSI last week, dont have one :(
  7. ive got w/e 4 after the 3 week :( break, ive been asked to have 3 dates which i can commence CMSR on following my w/e 7 (i finish p1 on 31st may) so hopefully ill get a june or july course providing its booked soon enough. Last thing i want is to start doing refresher weekends!
  8. w/e 7 as OA&S? if you include your selection w/e then yes otherwise w/e6 will be your last.
  9. the refresher weekend isn't so bad, i completed one the week before last and if anything it's a more laid back version of the test weekend (depending on your RTC)
    we were due to have 1hr+ revision on CBRN but as everyone was comfortable with it after 5minutes we cracked on with the test,
    We also had a night in the field which is just a test on your personal admin, we had about 3 hours admin time when we got back to the barracks and even then we got knocked off early

    As for the training program you will receive something with the training outlines when your unit receives joining instruction and a full training program when you arrive

  10. yes i include my RSW :) otherwise yes, i meant w/e 6 :D