CMS(R) for ex regulars.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Adolf, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. Im sure this is not the first time that this subject has raised its head on here but Ive not got the will power to go back through all the threads so I will apolgies now.

    I recently approached my local TA unit in regards to joining.Within half an hour of being in the unit they had me down to attend a CMS(R) the following month.I have 10 years service under my beer belly and have been in civvy street for nearly 10 years.

    The guys in the unit have made out that CMS(R) is Bullsh*t and parades with plenty of inspections and drill ????

    I am fully aware that I would have to attend a form of training/initiation course as times, weapons etc have changed but surely the techniques for polishing boots and ironing uniforms are still the same.

    Have the TA not managed to create a course for ex-regulars which does not teach them how to "suck eggs" quite so much. Such as a "kit & Post" course that covers weapon training ,personnal admin and any other new army idiosyncrasies.

    Im sure the thougt of attending yet another Basic & Bulls*it course puts many ex-regulars of joining the TA>
  2. Mate, ten years out is a long time, believe me

    I did 12 and loked at joining after 5 out, now they were prepared to accomidate me, providing I did a test, however they recommended that I do the whole recruit thing again which I initailly baulked, until I gave it a little thought and decided that it was probably a good idea. However I have still to get into the TAC and join up properly.

    I know it might sound like sucking eggs, what you must realise is that a LOT has changed since I got out which is been since you got out, ATDs have been replaced, so has the BFT, SAA training is different (assuming you have the A2), even uniform and equipment that you have probably used in the past is either changed or gone.

    My advice mate is to suck it in and enjoy the ride, at least that way you don't come off as a stuck up ARAB
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Did you finish your time on the SA80 weapons system? For those trying to rejoin our unit who have experience of the current weapon systems used in basic training, they get weapons refresher training alongside the new recruits (at the TAC). Subject to passing WHTs and evidence of capability of the basic soldiering skills, they get taken back onto strength. This assumes that they come from an Inf background, but we have also assumed that a regular non-inf recruits course is likely to have covered as much ground as a TA CIC and allowed one soldier in on those grounds. (Mind you, he had only just left a very good CSS unit and recent Op experience). We also have the proviso of either an assessment 10 miler (if they have already passed P Coy) or onto P Coy if required, but that is unit specific.

    Might be worth putting it in very simple terms (i will do this, I will not be able to spare the time to do that) and see how keen they are to get you on strength.

  4. You will probably find you enjoy the two weeks - its mostly weapon handling, bit of first aid map reading and nbc - mostly revision I expect. Kit / room inspection is negligible. Iron the combats you are wearing, lock your locker and make your bed - thts pretty much all that its about - there more important things for a new recruit ( and thats what everyone else is ) to learn about in two weeks.
  5. Plus you'll get a lot of leeway. Those who are identified as "in the know" have an easier ride as long as you keep your head down (as in not gobbing off at the DS all the time about how much quicker you did the BPFA whilst serving with 21 etc).

    It's better to be bland and get a wicked report, than to stick your neck out at every opportunity. however, have a quiet word with your training SGT upon arrival and leave it at that. You'll probably find that youll be asked to assist with things like demos and the other 'recruits' will have someone to look up to and ask advice.
  6. one of our Cpls did the course and 2 days later he did his sect comds course , talk about wast of time trying to train ex regs , yes the kits changed a bit , but not enough to make an old sweat go thru basic again ,
  7. Just treat it as refresher training. I didn't really learn anything new but it was useful so I could get used to the ITD formats and the new way of doing things. I enjoyed the skill at arms package - it gave me a chance to get my skills back to being second nature.
    Use your experience to bring on the other recruits in your section and have a laugh at how much simpler things are nowadays!
  8. Unfortunately mate, the unit you've approached to join are 100% on the money.

    Until I got sent out to this particular $hit hole (Afghanistan) I ran a recruit training platoon. The regulations from LAND Command state that any individual applying to re-join the TA with former service (regular or reserve) who has been out for more than 3 years, is treated as a basic recruit who has never served in the military before - and therefore must undergo the full CMS(R)(TA) package as a result.

    Annoying as this is, with 10 years out, it will be a very useful reminder of what you were taught 20 years ago - and things have changed! From the experience of my troops, the level of bull$hit you get on the course depends on where you go. I strongly recommend 5 Trg Regt at Grantham - they run an absolutely fantastic course.

    Having said that, come October the system changes completely and the regional brigades take over responsibility for recruit training.

    Good luck!
  9. Again, like we did before...... re inventing the wheel, does this sound familiar?
  10. Cheers to all for your advice and wisdom .I have no doubt I am some what hasty in considering sacking the idea of the TA before even joining.

    You horrible little worm..................get away.
  11. Don't sack it mate, you'd be a valuable commodity to your Unit and these days (from my experience) that's a rarity.

    Good luck fella.
  12. Its all down to good ole Health and Safety.

    The Army, regular or TA, is an employer with a duty of care to its employees to ensure that they are current, competant and capable.
  13. I did not do it. Join as an Officer and you get a refresh on TAOC.

  14. When did you not do it?

    I suspect you are not aware of TAPO or DETAPO methods of entry.

  15. Something for all Ex-Regulars to consider is this:

    Take a look at the blokes in your old unit, and now split them into two categories - Good Blokes and Mongs.

    As far as you're concerned, the Good Blokes don't need extra training, the Mongs need to go through Basic again (at least!)

    Now, you know you're not a Mong when you rock up at the TA Centre to join, but the TA don't know that, so having a time filter is one way of ensuring that if the bloke knocking on the door is a Mong, he gets a refresher.

    If he's a Good Bloke, it won't make that much of a difference to him, as the Good Bloke knows it's going to be the easiest two weeks, he can play the grey man very successfully, and his skills and knowledge will let him help the weaker recruits, as well as giving him a better understanding of what might be waiting for him back at the unit in terms of people and skills.

    And the Mong might just decide that the TA isn't for him after all, as the bluffing he's offering up is about to be tested.