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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BoringUsername1, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    So anyone been on CMS(R) recently at ATR Pirbright? I'm off on Friday and was wondering what we'll be up to. I've seen some of the other topics but it seems to change on a monthly basis.

    p.s. Also, anyone on here going?
  2. I'll be there, did you get the paperwork with the itinerary on it?

    Looks like loads of fizz, cas drills, NBC & map reading.

    If you don't have one I can fax or email it to you.
  3. You'll be doing some CBRN, some map reading, some drill, some SAA, some BCDT, a 3 day exercise, have lots and lots of lovely food (apple crumble at ATC Pirbright is the best thing i've ever eaten). Ye'll be doing a fair amount of phys, have a go on a computer gun shooty machine and then you'll do a passing off parade in your minging 2 week used CS95 kit to a band played on a stereo.

    But, you'll bloody love it. It's a fantastic two weeks, hard work in some cases but a lot of fun in most. You'll meet some amazing mates and by the end of it you'll be all mojo'd up for your TA career, unfortunately you mayy have to hold that thought.

    Best of Luck, let us know how it goes!
  4. Accom is very good ... food isnt bad at all ... you will have been given a timetable/schedule, you will only loosely follow this ..

    take everything you have been issued plus anything not issued but on the list
    take with you zip lock bags(large and small) for water proofing and a sense of humour, you wont be allowed to use any gucci kit with the exception of thermos flack/cups they are very handy so take one, although metal mugs for cooking/drinking can be passable depending who catches you with it first..
  5. ... not to sound too old, but when I was there, we had NO time for doing anything in the evenings apart from kit!!!

    <... grumble... in my day.... nurse!>
  6. I was there 5 months ago and we also had no time for anything in the evenings apart from doing kit and the accomodation.
    There was no requirement for smart civvies either and there is no alcohol permitted.

  7. A lot depends on your DS ..
    the squad before us had locker inspections, we didnt ..
    we had loads of free time, saying that the DS expected us to revise ..
    there will be lots of phys and SAA, map reading and cbrn as easy just listen in to what ya told ..

    if you are lucky you may get a day off to go out to town we did .. if your a buntch of cnuts stand by ...

    take a cheap laptop if you like andor radio etc ... but keep it reasonalble ..

    a third set of cs95 helps a lot, you wont be allowed to frat with the opposite sex .. take a spare set of civi track suit and nice set - JUST InCASE ..