CMS(R) and Bounty


War Hero
your cms (r) does the matts so you there for qualify,


War Hero
well you got too pass 2 a year on level 3 or 2 pft and a one cft level 2,
depends on how hard your unit has been hit by the cuts (what cuts i hear you cry) :D

my units on level 3 at the moment so only 2 pft a year, pain really cause i hate running,
WhatAmIDoing said:
No my mate got a straight pass but she's worried that it's been a while since CMS(R) and she's got a PFT coming up and hasn't been doing much PT since.
Well she needs to get off her fat arrse and do some phys. You should be aiming to pass all your MATTs to meet the minimum requirement for taking the queens shilling, not just so you can get your bounty.

As long as you have done the required amount of days, passed your MATTs during your CMS(R) and it was all done during this training year then you should qualify for your bounty.
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