Ladies and Gentlemen,

I attended the LEOC last year and took the opportunity to complete the CMS, with every intention of continuing on to do the DMS.

Unfortunately thus far I have failed spectacularly to fulfil this aspiration, and need to get a move on. Are there any 'ArRSers' out there that have completed it, and if so advise if the thing is worthwhile? If it is a pile of nonsense then I shan't bother and go away to think of a new plan.

Grateful for any advice chaps and chappesses.

I managed to complete the DMS following on from the LEOC CMS 2 yrs ago now.

You attend a 1.5 day class at Stratford-upon-Avon that is similar to the CMS modules you did with most of the work completed in small groups. You then have to complete a change type project of your choice. I managed to thrash this out in two days when I got pinged to be a waiting member of a board of a courts martial. Not too difficult to do as long as you can find the time and use the management speak that they like to see.

Researching the qualification, it is held in reasonable regard and of course is a stepping stone to the MBA. I had every intention of completing that but have had difficulty identifying time for it.

I have yet had cause to use the qual in the real world but prospective employers I have been talking to seem to like it and also seem willing to fund the completion of the MBA as it adds more weight within their company. It also shows that you are not happy to sit on your laurels and are able to be educated further and willing to learn.

I say go for it. With your experience it is not that difficult or expensive and its potential benefits outweigh not bothering.
Consider using an SLC rather than an ELC if you have further education plans in the future that will be more expensive.
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