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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BoringUsername1, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. Hi Folks,

    I've just got through W/E 5 and I'm rostered on for CMR(R) soon. Now, I've got a bit of an issue here as a number of the vaccinations I've had whilst working abroad, no records so I can't produce documentation. I'm sure as hell not having them all again, if I even could. Is there any way I'm allowed to self certify? As without being able to do that I'm not going to be able to go :(

    p.s. It's not a needle thing, I'm a card carrying blood donor!
  2. not that im aware.

    if you cant produce the evidence then youll get them all again.
  3. Calm down dear, it's just an injection.

    Seriously mate it's not that much of a drama - you only need two jabs, one of them is a combination that covers about three diseases. Mine took about five minutes at my surgery, get your little book stamped and that's it.
  4. As whats already been said, you need to have proof of the jabs or you will have to have them again. That should really have been sorted prior to the start of your recruit training. You don't want to get RTU'd for not having them so go down to your doctors and square it away, explain to him the whole problem if you haven't already and the importance of having them sorted by XXdate.

    Good luck on your course
  5. sapperboy

    sapperboy Swinger SME

    If I remember correctly, in your TSC(B) joining instructions or may be your unit's joining instructions, there is a form you can sign to say that you do not want to have the injections. The army will always recommend that you have them, but can not force you. On your first day at ATC(P) or Grantham your section commander should ask you if you wish to sign this form. Your Unit AO will be able to access the policy online for you.
    Hope this helps.
  6. You can't be forced into having a vaccination, it always requires consent. It's been a long time since we could claim 'implied consent' because you stood there and let us get on with jabbing you.
    No signature on army vacc form one? No vaccine.
  7. No MMR? The TSC(A) JIs I have list MMR - but not Diptheria, Polio and Tetanus, oddly. I've had those latter three, but not (As far as I'm aware) Meningitus or MMR, presumably because I'm older.
  8. polio is also in the same jab now (three for the pain of one, that's a bargain that is)
  9. MY GP won't give me the meningitis vaccine (even if I pay for it) because it's for "Occupational health" reasons and is therefore the responsibility of my employer not the NHS.

    Coy Office is making enquiries but so far seems to think it's somehow my failing. "Change practices" was one helpful piece of advice :roll:

    They also seem to think I should be dropped from the course (Phase 1) if I don't get it. I resisted the temptation to point out that my GP is not under the army's CoC and it is really up to the army to sort it out if my GP can't.

    Any helpful suggestions?