CMP WW2 Recruiting Poster

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by TSLL_2005, Jul 27, 2006.

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  1. Whilst browsing walt-bay, I did a "Royal Military Police" search - first time, honest!
    I found this mug with a CMP Recruiting poster WW2 Mug

    I'm not really after the mug, but the poster. Does anyone have or know of where this poster is available, or have it as a picture file they could mail me? I even offered the seller cash just for the picture file and got turned down!

    Just a bit of Corps History I'd like to have.
  2. TSLL,

    I have a framed copy of that one, but unfortunately I am not in a position to 'deframe' it for you. I got mine when I was at Campion Lines. There were a number floating around and up for grabs. I believe one of the Sgts had copied it. Having said that, try the Museum, they may be able to assist.


  3. Thanks Jonny,

    I'll try the museum - should have thought of that myself, doh!

    If anyone sees or hears of one knocking about, give me a shout pls!!
  4. I cant remember you offering cash for the picture?
  5. Im sure the museum has them, but i know a lad with one on his office wall. will ask him for you tomorrow. The better ones are the 'Redcap' Commando comic ones, they are good for a chuckle.
  6. That picture is not from WW2 lads, it's a recruiting poster from the 1950s, I remember it well. I had it given to me in 1957 as part of the package sent to me from the APM in Salisbury in 1957 prior to my subsequent transfer from the Infantry.
  7. I stand corrected!! thanks for pointing that out.

    Still.....anyone got one I can have/borrow/copy?? :?
  8. This is where it comes from
    In 1629, the Articles of War of Charles I of England contained the following comment concerning the position of Provost and his responsibility:

    "The Provost must have a horse allowed him and some soldiers to
    attend him and all the rest commanded to obey and assist or else the
    Service will suffer, for he is but one man and must correct many and
    therefore he cannot be beloved. And he must be riding from one
    garrison to another to see the soldiers do not outrage nor scathe the
  9. It was posted on http://
    By Pete

    Might be worth looking there or giving him a shout.

    Ok then find it yourself