Cmon surely even you wouldnt do this?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 1stgulfmac, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Look at this BBC link..

    weirdo alert

    Now i know itst the NAAFI bar but no, please no, not you lot. Surely.
  2. Do keep up. It's on here already. :roll:
  3. i would and then i would feck all the stab wounds
  4. Quite right, far too skinny, far too blonde and a wee bit too dead...
  5. News reports sayd the bloke's DNA was on her body in numerous places. If I had to come up with an explanation how my DNA got all over a dead body that I claimed not to have actually killed, then perhaps this would be it. What else could you come up with?
  6. She's quite fit actually.

    Where's she buried?
  7. If he liked them skinny, why didn't he leave her for a couple of weeks? :twisted:
  8. hahahaa sick man :lol:
  9. Please don´t quote where she´s buried on here, otherwise there´ll be an ARRSE Rallye to see who can get there first !! There again, a necrophilic (grammar ?) gang bang may be something to write about in the NAAFI Bar :twisted:
  10. if the rigormortis hasn't set in yet and she'sstill warm, i'd give her a bit ATM.
  11. Sorry old chap where, praps we could have it merged please.
  12. Here´s the link, but methinks you need to be a MOD to merge the threads.........

    Plus you need to be computer literate to copy and paste another Thread. WTF is going on here ? :roll:
  13. Old Chap?? Old Chap??

    I'm a girl! :wink:
  14. A girl, a real one, on her own in the NAAFI bar? Wow.
  15. Yep :dance: