Cmon KevinB

Okay, whats your take on the recent events. Im wanting to know what you think this has achieved, i would have posted this elsewhere but know whats going to happen.

Its interesting, before for some, it was seen as history, let the old farts burble on, let someone from the other side have his views, as well its all over. :x

Well now its not, it aint history.

Tell us what you think, what is this going to do, will you re-rattle tins or think WTF KevinB.


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Bring on the hate. Wonder how long it takes for this to get holed. I know where this is going. KevinB will say 'used to' rattle the tin, and the same old chaps will say 'cnut', and the same Mods will remove their posts/hole the thread.


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I think you will find that KevinB is quiet for some time now. W@nker that he is.
It won't get holed if he's given chance to put across his flip of the coin, if its just childish a petty 'PIRA scum' type posts then whats the point.

What people tend to forget is, he was brought up over there, and how many of you have taken a moment to put yourself in his shoes and thought about which path you would have taken given his options. We volunteered to join the forces then fight or work in Ireland because we were told to, made to...... None of us really gave a fcuk about the place, none of us would have volunteered to go over and join in the campaign if we weren't soldiers.

He chose which path to follow, I'm intrigued to find out why he chose that one......... Thats the reason I'm happy to mod this thread in here.

Please though, if you all you are going to do is post 'tin rattling cnut' don't bother, I'll can it. and if for that reason you see me as a PIRA supporter then unlucky, you are a narrow minded c0ck.
MDN, i do want to know what he thinks this has achieved. Personally my views on him will stay off here, however i think its better if he answered, im not saying he is going to think its great its flared up again, but well does he think this has done anything but just destroy what was achieved.
If it does kick off, the American Government are going to have to look at it in a whole new light, they will by their own laws have to do somthing about terrorist support in their own country. Kevin and co could find themselves in a very sticky place


Mighty_doh_nut said:
Stop defending the IRA, it doesn't matter which letter you're now putting in front of "IRA" you're still defending the IRA you c0ck.

Far better you can comments from serving and ex forces than an IRA Cunt.

This site lost some great posters when KevinB started posting and was supported by you.

Are you the sven or someone masquaring as Sven?

Tell me, then I'd challenge you to say the above to my chops if not, abide by the thread rules and see if you can learn something.

Hundreds of thousands grew up over there and did not decide to be active supporters and enablers or scum IRA / SF terrorism. I think referring to IRA /SF as scum is probably the most polite term there is for them. There was always another option yet he freely joined an organisation dedicated to mass murder.

What makes you think none of us really gave a fcuk? Some did not, and some cared a great deal and still do.

Furthermore, we have heard his excuses for his helping to murder the mates of many on here. None of them come remotely anywhere near any sort of justification. He chose to be a shitty terrorist and should be treated as such.

I personally have not noticed anyone calling you a terrorist supporter MDN.

(Edit - I see I was a bit late getting my reply in)
I personally have not noticed anyone calling you a terrorist supporter MDN.

Read Svens posts.....

No one has seen me defending him, because I haven't. Not sure how much more simple I can make 'Lets hear his side of the story'
MDN is right, for two reasons. Firstly, it's interesting to have comments from the other side of the fence, even if they do sometimes make you want to punch the screen. That's precisely why they are important. Secondly, at least KevinB brings some sort of arguement to the table and doesn't just post dribble interspersed with angry smilies. Honestly, sometimes I think that the bloke who writes 'From the Message Boards' in Private Eye gets all his material from reading ARRSE.
It will be interesting to hear from the Shiners, only the other day Adams was giving Orde a hard time but today, nothing
Can someone answer me a simple question? (because I'm too lazy to search for the answer).

Does kevinB support the idea of a united Ireland and therefore by default is a Republican?


Does he actively support the illegal and terrorist means by which some groups have attempted to achieve this aim?
So instead of just firing internet hero potshots at him and calling him names have you anything to ask?

If you are so fuelled with hatred and feel the need to derail every thread with insult and bile, this is your chance to pose your objections here. To attempt to gain answers......

I'd have thought this would be on page twelve by now.

No responce from you .sven? is it the real Sven or some gutless tool pretending to be him in he name of apparent comedy.
dingerr said:
Does he actively support the illegal and terrorist means by which some groups have attempted to achieve this aim?

He tin rattled for Sinn Fein, search through his username and he explains why and when.
Can we not get some facts first, it appears that they (the police and such like security forces along with our great press) are still finding facts before they point the finger so before we decide who's dunnit, shall we not get more facts ourselves (therefore avoid the witch hunt). There are many splinter groups/factions out there who just like playing by any rules. Yes I Know who KevinB is, I am not taking sides however the Arrse on some occasions does go off on unguided witch hunts with out the facts.

The sad fact is 2 soldiers have been killed, by cowards who hide behind a so called veil of terrorism or fighting for freedom. FFS they have freedom.

RIP Guys


SkiCarver said:
(i'm a uk civvie)

While i agree that KevinB is a ***********

Let him post; "know your enemy ....."

Had you:

A been in the Army

B served in NI

C seen the carnage caused by the IRA

D had friends killed by the IRA

you wouldn't be so fucking keen on letting someone who "saw active service with the IRA", his words not mine, spout his sh*t.

I know my enemy, I don't need him to come on here.
Sinn Fein have nothing to gain from a return to violence and they know it. The paramilitary groups on both sides of the divide always had an element who simply enjoyed the disorder and violence and didn't have the best interests of NI at heart.

I would be interested to know exactly how involved in fund-raising in the states KevinB was, and how much he knew about where the monies he raised went to. Which did he think he was funding, the armalite or the ballot box?
If you'd sat on your arrse for years living off the cash that f***wits liks Kev and his mates had given you untill one day it dries up. you have no skills, no job and all your senior members had crapped on you by becoming assembly members, you can understand the problem. these scum don't know anything else after 40 tears of strife
.Sven said:
A been in the Army

B served in NI

C seen the carnage caused by the IRA

D had friends killed by the IRA

I qualify for all of those, now kindly answer my questions you gutless cnut

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